Young men with necrosis of the skin, exposing testicles after using traditional medicine

Viet Duc Hospital (Hanoi City) on April 6 said that within the past 20 days, the Department of Infection Surgery – Wound Care, Viet Duc Hospital has received 2 consecutive cases of septic infection. serious skin death, severe poisoning infection, signs of multi-organ failure, life-threatening after self-use medicinal. Patients hospitalized in the state of the wound is red, stinking …

Young man with skin necrosis from thigh spread to groin and scrotum after male medicine – Photo: Doctor provided

The first case is the case of GAT patients (male, 28 years old, ethnic Mong, in Yen Bai). During a trip to the forest, due to insect stings, he swollen his thighs, Mr. T. did not go to the hospital for examination but took herbal medicine to cover. Not long after, the wound spreads necrosis from the thighs to the groin and scrotum, necrosis exposing the testicles. When he arrived at Viet Duc Hospital, the patient was lethargic, tested showing signs of liver and kidney failure and the family intended to send the patient home. After consulting and explaining to the family members, the patient was quickly operated on in emergency, extensive dialysis, removal of necrotic organization, hemostasis, and open wound.

The second case is the case of HVT patient (male, 57 years old, in Phu Tho). 1 week ago, Mr. T. had small pimples in the left armpit. The patient has voluntarily applied herbal medicine at home From a small boil, both the patient’s left chest and area became diffuse inflammation and necrosis. Doctors at Viet Duc Hospital have filtered, exposed the wound, used strong antibiotics and changed the dressing regularly with special bandages for the patient.

Fortunately, both patients were promptly transferred to the hospital and operated by specialists from the Department of Infectious Surgery and Wound Care, Viet Duc Hospital, so the unfortunate consequences were avoided and currently recovering.

Doctors of the Department of Infection Surgery said that after surgery and active treatment, the health of the patients has gradually stabilized. However, with the 28-year-old male above mentioned, the patient will continue to undergo a number of dialysis surgeries, skin grafting and skin shaping of the scrotum area due to necrosis after using herbal medicine.

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