Yema Spica EV – 7-seater MPV with electric power only under 400 million VND

Not only are new luxury electric cars launched consecutively, but the Chinese market is also seeing a growing number of inexpensive electric cars, including electric versions of previous models with internal combustion engines. One of the latest names to join the ranks of low-cost electric cars in China is Yema Spica EV runs on electricity.New Yema Spica EV 2022 It was a low-cost minivan that was originally launched in 2015, and now, after six years, the Yema manufacturer has decided to launch a pure electric version to match the trend. As shown in the image, Spica has a typical electric vehicle self-contained grille and a set of pretty-looking steel wheels.This minivan is equipped with an electric motor with 93 hp and 180 Nm of maximum torque. This electric motor is connected to a modest 48 kWh battery pack, yet still offers a range of 350 km in NEDC cycles. Using a quick charger, the Spica EV can charge from 30% to 80% of its battery capacity in 40 minutes.Looking at the interior pictures, one can easily tell the “age” of this cheap minivan. The car’s radio system looks like something decades ago. Yema did try to improve Spica a bit with a digital dashboard but it actually looks a bit clunky. The center console also looks incredibly simple with just a single number picker.But importantly, no one buys the Yema Spica EV because of its luxury or modern style. People bought it because it was very cheap.Price of Yema Spica EV 2022 starting from 109,900 yuan and ending at 129,900 yuan (equivalent to 392 to 463 million). This is a very affordable amount for a 7-seater electric MPV, suitable as a service car.Video: Yema Spica EV – China’s 7-seater electric MPV.


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