Women are only a quarter of the world

The HAIM sister group – Photo: FT

“You can find everything in female music.

In music, women are probably only a quarter of the world – only about 21% of artists who own hits in the past eight years are women, according to a study. year 2020.

Even so, they are only 12.5% ​​of the world – because female musicians are only 12.5% ​​per capita. As for the role of producers, there is only 1 female producer out of 37 male producers, and in this way women are only a tiny 2.6%. of the world.

By 2021, although gender role awareness has improved significantly, it would be unrealistic to expect a spectacular leap to make women’s presence on par with men. However, loss in quantity does not mean inferior quality. And believe not, you can find everything in female music.

first. If you’re looking for entertainment, check out Selena Gomez’s Selfish Love, which just released this past Friday. Watch, not listen, because there’s not much to hear there, but its music video is great.

As a femme fatale barber, Gomez hairs the boys at his witch-filled shop. The image of a barber caressing and holding the boys’ heads, while they lie on a chair, is not only as attractive as a female Sweetney Todd, but also conveys the feminist message in a way that could not be witty. .

If you’re looking for something to listen to and a little bit of a dream, check out Stacey Kent for the latest Landslide single. The most miraculous thing about Stacey Kent is that after nearly three decades in her career, she can still sing about the sadness of love with her clear lyrics: “If I see your reflection on the snow-covered hill, well, The landslides brought me down “.

Even her 50-year-old voice is rosy, flat, like a mirror where you can reflect your soul.

For those who are looking for something both entertaining and listening, a versatile music that can make you shake when happy and sigh when sad, can’t miss the album Women in music Pt.III of the three sisters group HAIM, which was on the list of nominations for the Grammy 2021 Album of the Year category.

It’s an expanded version of the newly released album with Taylor Swift starring in a small cameo. The melodies of the album shines bright like a lively summer beach, but the melodies are the “roof” for the overwhelming lyrics. “50 shades” of loneliness and self-torment.

2. Even if you are looking for a spiritual guide, do not hesitate to find a woman like singer – legendary musician Dolly Parton, successful model of a female artist in music. .

She was even proud enough to refuse Elvis Presley to record her songs. After all, the number of female musicians may be meager, but certainly still far more than the number of musicians who dare to turn down Elvis.

Dolly Parton has just received the Billboard hit Creator award for lifelong dedication in the field of composing and also had her 51st Grammy nomination for her duet There was Jesus with Zach Williams.

Yes, the song that awakened in generous religious love was a Zach Williams own, but Dolly Parton’s chorus, especially the boom at the end when her singing soared, something. it’s holy. And when she closed the song with a few words “There was Jesus”, her cooing sounded like a sutra.

3. And women may not be half of the world. But the problem is not with them, the problem lies in the world, a world that is still faulty.


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