With 31,365 new Covid-19 cases, the number of cases in Hanoi decreased for the first time after many days of increasing

Center for Disease Control TP Hanoi From 6pm on March 8 to 6pm on March 9, Hanoi recorded 31,365 new Covid-19 cases, including 12,942 community cases, and 18,423 isolated cases.

This is the first time in a long time that the number of daily announced Covid-19 cases in Hanoi has decreased compared to the previous day. Recently, the number of cases in Hanoi has continuously increased.

Patients are distributed in 536 communes, wards and towns in 30/30 districts, towns.

Some districts and districts recorded many patients during the day such as: Dong Anh (1,498); Hoang Mai (1,433); Soc Son (1,412); Long Bien (1,406); Hoai Duc (1405); Nam Tu Liem (1,381).

According to the Hanoi Department of Health, by the end of March 8, the city had nearly 660,000 cases of Covid-19 (F0) being treated and monitored, a decrease of more than 20.00 cases compared to March 7. In which, 654,335 people are monitored and isolated at home (accounting for 99%), a decrease of nearly 20,000 cases compared to March 7; 710 people are isolated at the collection and treatment facilities of the city and of the districts, towns (decreased by more than 60 cases). 4,853 people were treated at the hospitals on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the city (down 343 cases) and 360 cases were treated at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases 2 and the Hanoi Medical University Hospital.

According to the Ministry of Health, currently among patients being treated at the Hospital in Hanoi, there are nearly 900 severe and critical cases, a decrease of nearly 100 cases compared to last week, equivalent to a decrease of 8.5%. The number of F0 cases with moderate development also decreased by nearly 3,500 cases compared to the previous week, corresponding to a decrease of 8.7%.

There are currently 52 mechanically ventilated patients, 31 noninvasive ventilators, nearly 800 oxygen mask/frames and 16 high-dose oxygen (HFNC) patients. In addition, there are 8 cases on dialysis.

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