Windows and Google Chrome users need to update their software immediately

Windows and Google Chrome users should update their operating system and browser as soon as possible.

Recently, Microsoft has officially released a new update, helping to fix 108 vulnerabilities, including 19 vulnerabilities rated as “critical” and 5 extremely dangerous zero-day vulnerabilities.

Specifically, the latest Microsoft update fixes 108 vulnerabilities, of which 19 are rated as “critical”, 89 are “critical” and 5 are extremely critical zero-day vulnerabilities. “is fixed in this update.

Through a vulnerability known as Win32k, the hacker can gain access to the victim’s computer and have full control over the device, however, this requires user interaction.

The vulnerability was exploited by a group of hackers called BITTER APT, said Boris Larin security researcher at Kaspersky Labs.

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Meanwhile, other vulnerabilities such as the Windows NTFS denial of service vulnerability have not been actively exploited. However, Microsoft notes that they have been publicly disclosed, meaning that everyone knows about them.

To limit attack, users should update the operating system as soon as possible by clicking on the icon Start > Settings > Security & Update > Windows Update > Check for Updates.

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All users running a supported version of Windows 10 (i.e. 1909 or later) can download and install these new patches for free.

In addition to Windows 10, Microsoft has made patches for their other programs, such as Azure, Microsoft Edge, Exchange Server, Office, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Windows Media Player.

Recently, Google has just released two patches for Chrome browser on the computer.

Although no details were provided, both the patched vulnerabilities were labeled “High” (critical level) and were exploited by the hacker.

Google has also released two patches for Chrome browser on computers recently, to fix a vulnerability that is assessed as critical. (Photo: Alex Castro / The Verge)

To update Google Chrome, click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, then select Help (help)> About Google Chrome (an introduction to Google Chrome)> next Relaunch to restart your browser when you have finished updating.


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