Wind-powered super sailboat can carry 7,000 cars

One super sailing boat on the wind can change the way we ship goods, reducing the traditional energy-related carbon emissions that are still used by 90% of manufacturers. The Wallenius Marine OceanBird is a concept ship, large enough to carry 7000 cars at the same time and run entirely on wind power.Freight trains are a huge business worldwide and major brands have been making efforts to make changes to using less fossil fuels. That includes slowing down, because freight trains already make long and stable journeys and take a little more time. But a wind-powered alternative would be able to both speed up the demand while not placing heavy demands on global fossil fuel infrastructure.Form OceanBirds by Wallenius Marine There are five “sails” that resemble the wings of an airplane or a helicopter’s propeller, which uses the incoming airflow at different speeds to pull the boat forward. Currently, it can reach speeds of 10 knots (18.52 km / h) and will make the transatlantic voyage in 12 days compared with eight days on a cargo ship powered by chemical fuel. common jelly.The site ScientAlert has reported on the following giant and intelligent sails: “The sails can retract up to 80 meters high, and will be controlled by algorithms that accurately calculate the most efficient use. wind energy sources outside the ocean. An auxiliary engine, running on clean fuel, would be installed as a backup, and used when entering and leaving the harbor. ”Therefore, like the Toyota Prius and other hybrid cars, giant super boat This state-of-the-art engine will use a fuel-powered engine to go and then save wind energy to make the cruise at sea. Additionally, the development team made many changes to the hull’s shape and added the power of the computer to calculate the best possible configuration for the highest speed at all times.The end result is a smarter, smarter train design that the company says could also be used to improve cruise ships. Overall, Wallenius Marine says it has cut emissions by 90%.While the global freight industry has taken steps to reduce fossil fuel emissions, the industry’s enormous size and current demand mean the industry still accounts for around 2% of total emissions. bridge. OceanBird is still in the design stage, with a complete design coming next year and can be produced as early as 2024.Wallenius Marine wants to generate interest right now, but they also hope that sharing ideas will encourage others in the industry to keep innovating. Goods will always need to circulate around the world, making shipping an industry where even small changes can have a tangible and immediate impact.Video: Watch the Wallenius Marine OceanBird superyacht.


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