Will Lord of The Rings be a billion dollar series?

A scene in The Lord of the Rings – Photo: REUTERS

From before, Lord of the Rings was predicted to be one of the most expensive television series ever produced.

According to AV Club, the producer is now even trying to get rid of the shadow of competitors as well as get rid of the cover of the label “indie TV” on the online platform.

Therefore, Amazon is said to be ready to “break the safe” for this small screen series.

But regardless of those reasons, how Amazon spent heavily on its first season Lord of the Rings really amazing.

With about $ 465 million spent on the first season alone, billionaire Jeff Bezos’ company is almost certain to turn this five-season series into a billion-dollar hit, AV Club said.

American online entertainment newspaper for example Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones) to compare the extent of Amazon’s insanity on this project.

Whereby, Lord of the Rings are simulating Game of Thrones on television. According to calculations, even when throwing money into a series of epic castle and battle scenes in the last season, Game of Thrones also “cost” about 15 million USD per episode.

In other words, at its current level of spending, Amazon could do 31 more episodes Game of Thrones corresponding.

According to the Hollywood ReporterThis huge sum may have included a substantial $ 250 million in expenses for Tolkien Estate, the property management unit of writer JRR Tolkien, as well as start-up costs for this film project.

But even so, the money is for the first season Lord of the Rings is still really surprising to public opinion.


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