Why is GameTV always a legend of AOG?

GameTV only once won the Arena of Fame, but always held the leading position in the history of Lien Quan Mobile Vietnam.

On May 9, Team Flash and Saigon Phantom fought for the throne of the Arena of Fame (Vietnam League of Legends). Regardless of who wins, this is also a worthy result after the efforts of the two teams.

In addition, the fans also eagerly awaited the new king of AOG (another name for mobile phone). However, as many championship teams, there is no name that makes fans forget the GameTV monument.

Who is GameTV?

Mobile phone winter 2017 witnessed GameTV’s emotional championship. The team was not appreciated throughout the group stage when it only finished 4th in the standings.

GameTV Winter Mobile Championship 2017. Photo: Provided by BTC.

At that time, ProArmy was the expectation of the Vietnam Coalition. They own a quality star, such as Bear, BUG, ​​Shield, YL, NamChin. Importantly, the team also uses their abilities to demonstrate their position in AOG. ProArmy excelled at leading the 2017 Winter Championship race.

However, ProArmy could not knock GameTV down to the throne of the domestic kingdom. In the play-off, GameTV played sublimation and displayed absolute strength. They in turn defeated Adonis Esports, TTN to progress to the final against ProArmy.

Fans and both ProArmy were surprised to see the ultimate transformation from GameTV. The team kept pushing ProArmy into a chase position. Not only that, they only need 4 games to crush the rival (ProArmy) in the final.

GameTV is strong in both fighting and fighting spirit. From a team struggling to reach the top 4, they became the most deserving name for the position of the new king of AOG.

Not only that, the team also took one step to become the leading giant of the Vietnam Coalition. Importantly, the PS Man, Henry, ProE, Xuan Bach and Be Chanh gamers also began to write anecdotes in the esports world.

The king is not a throne but great

After the 2017 Winter Mobile Phone Championship, GameTV and ProArmy represented Vietnam to attend the AIC (International League of Nations). At that time, AOG was not appreciated in comparison to other regional coalitions.

However, both GameTV and ProArmy excelled in the semi-finals. Here, GameTV once again knocked down the enemy to bring Vietnam League to participate in the international final for the first time.

GameTV makes AOG name in the international arena. Photo: BTC provided.

GameTV’s rival is SMG, the defending champion of GCS (China Taipei League). They possess a different position and capacity than representative of Vietnam. Even SMG’s Jungler, ChiChi, sarcastic about knowing who the GameTV players are.

However, SMG soon paid the price for disregarding the fighting power from GameTV. Little Chanh brought Violet, stirring up the final AIC 2017. He made ChiChi die and SMG collapsed in both game 2 and game 4.

And yet, game 5 is decided, the representative of Chinese Taipei must also spend a ban on Little Chanh’s Violet card. Only regret, in the end, GameTV could not defeat the opponent to claim king at AIC.

However, with AOG, GameTV still becomes a great pride. The team played fair with the world’s leading big man. Not only that, they also reminded SMG of the names GameTV, Baby Chanh and the card Violet.

GameTV’s runner-up position has also become a legend in the Vietnam League of Nations. Later, in 2019, Team Flash excelled to win both AWC (World LQ) and AIC. But this never overshadowed the achievements that GameTV achieved that year.

Because, Be Chanh and his teammates are pioneers for AOG in the international arena. At the same time, GameTV also rewrote the history page for the Vietnam League.

They do not have a throne or crown, but forever are the great king in the hearts of home esports fans.


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