Why are Japanese people “crazy” about female robots?

Japan has combined artificial intelligence and incredible simulation technology to launch the world’s first female bio-robot for male users.

In the mid-1950s, humans invented the robot, and after more than 60 years of development, this high-tech device has been applied to many fields of the manufacture of new equipment, materials and biopharmaceuticals.

Today, robots have become an indispensable element of artificial intelligence technology, combined with advanced mobile Internet networks, … continuously promoting lifestyle changes in human society.

For industrial manufacturers, thanks to advanced equipment, they gradually improve production efficiency and ensure product quality, so industrial robots have received unprecedented attention and is a key part of achieving fully automated production.

Especially in Japan, the technological development of robots is very fast. Not only equipped with artificial intelligence chips, Japan also introduced biological robots that are no different from real people.

Japan’s achievements in robotics

Since the 1980s, Japan has made great achievements in robotics, with both the manufacture, export and use of robots occupying a leading position in the world. According to the Robotics Federation, one third of the total number of robot machines and equipment in the world comes from Japan.

For many years, the Japanese have been making humanoid robots, which they make are often used in the home electronics and automotive industries. As a powerful industrial robot research and manufacturing country, they have built more advanced robots by relying on technology in the field of industrial robots.

Humans have entered the age of AI, in this era, many different smart products have appeared in life, whether it be smart TVs, smart speakers, or more complex intelligent robots. Currently, many Internet companies are focusing on AI, for example JD.com has started using smart robots to distribute goods. And Jack Ma also opened a supermarket and hotel using robotics.

Japan develops a new robot

The Japanese female biological robot looks very human, including physical temperature. Photo: Sohu

During the research and development of this field in Japan, some researchers have developed female bio-robot products. Immediately after launching, this product was loved by many men, especially those who liked to stay at home.

The reason this robot has achieved such a high sales volume since its launch is because it is different from many previous robots. This type of robot is no longer a cold machine, though both on the outside and on the inside are very intelligent. After experiencing this robot, many men no longer need to find a girlfriend.

New robots launched in Japan provide personalized customization services, especially in terms of the materials used. It is made of a very unique silica gel, which is practically not much different from real human skin. In addition, the robot also has a stable temperature system inside during operation, regardless of the body temperature or the texture, it is not much different from the real person.

In addition to the production of completely human simulations, this robot has one very important point: customization. Because the aesthetic concept of each person is different, customers can customize the tall, short, fat, and thin according to their preferences. This satisfies the emotional needs of many otaku (anime, manga, or game enthusiast) very well.

The joints of the robot are very delicate. Photo: Zhihu

As we all know, researchers implant artificial intelligence chips into robots. This Japanese female bio robot can connect to home appliances such as air conditioners, TVs, and it also supports remote control. In addition, with the precise design of artificial intelligence chips and joints, female robots can also replace humans to do simple household chores such as cleaning, cooking, and washing clothes. In particular, the robot has smart and vivid expressions of emotions and thoughts like humans, it can understand the meaning of words and distinguish colors.

According to Sohu, the female-inspired biological robot in Japan aims to reduce the imbalance between men and women and satisfy the physical and psychological needs of male users. So, in everyday life, many people love this robot. When dating real girlfriends can be friction, but not with female robots, they will always follow the orders of the owner. Hence, ever since the birth of biological robots, it is not surprising that they have always been strongly sought after.

Childbirth robot simulation. Photo: Zhihu

In fact, another very important point of this robot is the birthing function, perhaps many people do not believe that robots can give birth. This robot has not really achieved the ability to give birth, but its internal structure is identical to a real person, and it can simulate the birth process.

Some researchers point out that with the continued advancement of future technology, if a robot is equipped with a test-tube birth device, childbirth via robot is entirely possible.


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