When Vietnam was on the sidelines of popular culture

Frame by frame of the beautiful movie was dissected, stories of life in the film tingled endlessly. But the film is not shown in Vietnam at all.

Not just Nomadland, the good movies of the world, winning dozens of awards are still not sure “in themselves”.

Movie Phantom Thread After a few months after the 2017 Academy Awards, the tiny poster placed in front of Nguyen Du Stadium (Ho Chi Minh City) had to be taken down. Moonlight, 12 years slave.… not very salty theaters, while the show is limited.

Those are movies that still have a bit of luck, there are works we only hear the name but do not know when we see the face.

Unlike the movie, the public can hum the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s lyrics only a few minutes after her release of music and almost at the same time with homophones around the world.

Lourve Museum has just opened its online exhibition portal, right here one can roll eyes on the works of the artists immediately. In a seemingly flat world, cinema seems to be outwardly.

The situation is even more tragic, perhaps during the award season, with major film awards such as Cannes, BAFTA, and Oscar. Movie enthusiasts in Vietnam once again stabbed each other’s messages with links on the pirated cinema website.

At times, self-esteem is compelled to deal with justified lust from such small things.

The streaming platforms (the service that provides online movies), although they have advantages over theaters with low royalties, regardless of screenings or location, the level of slowness is equal. Netflix only prioritizes bringing the competition movies they produce onto the platform, while the other works are ignored or … slowly.

Movie lovers in Vietnam may find themselves outside of popular culture. So called pop culture must lead to resonances, interference where we find ourselves vibrating in the same rhythm with the world friends and vice versa.

When a Vietnamese film will win an Oscar is always a big question, but if you just want to know when a new film will be shown in Vietnam, I’m afraid it is not a small question.

Movie Parasites Winning an Oscar last year was an exception, the film hit theaters before the award, with revenue of 73 billion. It has been a long time since the Vietnamese cinema forum has been so boisterous before the ceremony.

The public watched the victory’s journey Parasites partly because it is an Asian work, the child of Korean co-writer cinema, the rest comes from how deeply we understand the film.

To speak Parasites is an exception because Korean cinema also has a movie this year Minari Not less cult but the Vietnamese audience turned their backs. The film has only a few screenings in Vietnamese theaters and revenue is barely over 1.2 billion dong.

The value of a movie is not in being shown sooner or later. 80 years later, reviewing today’s works, the audience is still sobbing for life. But it would be more complete if we could feel the movie in the days we live together.


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