What to prepare when doing online business during the pandemic?

Seize opportunities, diversify products, prepare many strategies, ask for help from e-commerce platforms… to help sellers deal with business risks during the pandemic.

Starting an online sales business has the advantage that at the beginning, there is no need to invest in premises and personnel; low capital and quick profit… But not every product put on online platforms has the desired effect. Especially during the distance, delivery and receipt are quite difficult, affecting the buyer’s experience, leading to delays, high refund and cancellation rates, causing many losses and reduced revenue.

Mr. Giang Vuong, owner of JoyShop on Tiki e-commerce platform, has more than two years of online business experience. Through all 4 epidemics, he has learned a lot of experience and turned “danger” into “opportunity”. Here are some notes Giang believes that online sellers should pay attention to be able to do business more effectively, especially on e-commerce platforms.

Make the most of the help from the floor

Mr. Giang said that when choosing to cooperate and put products on any e-commerce platform, sellers also need to carefully study the information, terms, rights and obligations for sellers of the exchange. there. Some floors will have a support staff available to guide new customers to the interface and tools to sell and manage orders on the application.

After two years of cooperation with Tiki – one of the reputable e-commerce platforms in Vietnam, the owner of JoyShop has learned that making good use of the support from the floor staff will help shop owners save money. Time to learn and gather knowledge. Instead of “self-swimming”, they will be the guide and help the seller step by step to familiarize themselves with an “ecosystem” they have just joined.

When he started doing business on Tiki, the floor’s sales support staff contacted him to guide him to install the booth, how to create products, manipulate and process the first orders. They also enthusiastically help him solve operational difficulties and better meet customer needs.

“Don’t hesitate to seek help from the support team. This makes me feel a lot more secure when doing business on Tiki. Behind the seller is always a professional, dedicated staff, ready to support any time I have a problem,” JoyShop owner shared.

Shipper Tiki at the sorting point. Photo: Tiki

Tiki also has a policy to support payment, pick up and product packaging fees for business owners of the floor. The operating cost on Tiki was assessed by Mr. Giang Vuong as quite suitable for his ability, worthy of the profit values ​​​​that the shop earned after joining.

Diversify products

Not only during the epidemic, but at any time, sellers should also diversify the items on the shop so as not to be framed and create barriers for themselves. That is one of the secrets to help Mr. Giang and JoyShop not to fall into a “freeze” situation when social distancing directives suspend the transportation of non-essential items.

The owner of JoyShop said that before, it was only in the field of computer equipment. But since listing on Tiki, he realized that there are many opportunities to develop and expand the booth. After deliberating, he added the category of Home and Lifestyle and Online Grocery. The efficiency of the two new product lines in recent years has recorded good and stable growth, even exceeding the initial goal set by Giang Vuong when he first tried.

He said that since going public, the business situation has grown steadily compared to before. On average, revenue increases 2.5-3 times each quarter. When being consulted by industry friends on business campaigns, Flash Sale programs or commodity business orientations in each time and season, the recorded number is even higher than he set out.

Prepare a scenario to deal with risks

Having learned from the previous Covid-19 waves, the owner of JoyShop soon prepared plans to maintain the supply of goods. He actively contacted suppliers, estimated goods, prices to order and reserve in the next time. The goal is not to disrupt the source of goods. According to him, the time to relax the social distance and the upcoming year-end festival is when the demand for shopping increases again.

In terms of operation personnel, JoyShop employees mostly live in Ho Chi Minh City, affected by the epidemic. Mr. Giang also has a policy of salary support during his time off from work and is ready to work again when permitted by the authorities.

Tiki supports the cost of the exchange's partner businesses during the pandemic.  Photo: Tiki

Tiki supports the cost of the exchange’s partner businesses during the pandemic. Photo: Tiki

At the same time, he also constantly updates Tiki’s special operating policy on area, delivery time; thereby providing the most suitable and optimal solution. In the current difficult transportation situation, Tiki proactively offers timely policies to give businesses and customers more peace of mind. “I personally find this part of Tiki to be very specific and effective, enthusiastically supporting the sellers,” said Giang Vuong.

Covid-19 has caused many industries to be severely affected, leading to many people being unemployed, temporarily laid off or having their wages reduced. Shifting to other fields that can work online and with seasonality is the way many people choose to make a living. To effectively capture this potential money-making trend, many opportunities at home, every seller needs to equip themselves with basic knowledge and practice acumen. Since then, the online business even in the midst of the epidemic has still achieved certain effects.

Thy An

Tiki Group is an “all-in-one” commerce platform in Vietnam, owning the Tiki e-commerce platform, the integrated supply chain TikiNOW Smart Logistics and the retail unit Tiki Trading.

Tiki stands for “Search” and “Save”. It is also the vision and mission of the business: to be the destination where customers can find what they need, saving time and money.

Founded in 2010, Tiki was originally an online bookstore. Currently, Tiki has become one of the trusted multi-industry e-commerce platforms for millions of Vietnamese customers.

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