What solutions support effective digital transformation?

Sharing about solutions to support digital transformation, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Pham Anh Tuan said that as the agency that manages press media as well as information technology, from the very beginning, the Ministry of Information and Communications. Information and Communication has proposed many solutions. For example, the Ministry has developed a Digital Transformation Support Program for press agencies, which supports three platforms to help press agencies transform digitally: the Electronic Newsroom Management Platform, which allows building a newsroom converging modern technology, bringing all journalism operations to the digital environment;

The platform analyzes information and public opinion on social networks, helping press agencies to timely capture information and public opinion, thereby identifying information needs, having news that meet their expectations. of the reader, just when the reader needs it; The support platform for attack prevention and emergency response for the information system of the press agencies to create a shield and protect the digital environment for the press agency.

At the same time, the Ministry of Information and Communications is continuing to review and finalize the draft strategy on digital transformation of press up to 2025 and orientation to 2030 to submit to the Prime Minister for promulgation. The general goal of the draft Strategy is to develop journalism towards multi-platform, multi-media and multi-services; Developing digital press products, digital content distribution platforms, mastering content distribution platforms in cyberspace. People, organizations and businesses can access information in the digital environment according to their needs, anytime, anywhere, without restrictions on space, time or geographical location. The Draft Strategy also identifies 7 groups of tasks and solutions to support successful digital transformation.


Deputy Minister Pham Anh Tuan shared that in the Digital Transformation Strategy of the Press, the Ministry of Information and Communications has provided orientations and solutions to deal with the problem of resources. While waiting for the project to be approved, the Ministry of Information and Communications decided that in 2022, it will train 10,000 digital civil servants and digital officials for the country, especially the press sector is from 3,000-5,000 people…

Deputy Minister Pham Anh Tuan said: The digital transformation orientation in the press agency has two clear areas. One is internal management with daily activities, documents, assignment papers, human resource management … this segment is separate and quite stable, the investment level is not large. The second area is digital transformation in production, dissemination management and content storage, which requires huge investment.

In the digital transformation program of the Ministry of Information and Communications, there are specific orientations related to the platform for the production and management of content dissemination. When this strategic plan is approved, the regulatory agency will start working towards the policy of building large platforms to ensure independence and sovereignty in cyberspace.

Initial investment in cyberspace needs state agencies to step in. Accordingly, the Government will invest in building large shared digital transformation platforms, especially large platforms for a number of key press agencies and other press agencies to enjoy on that platform. . The Ministry of Information and Communications focuses on supporting press agencies and other units to provide a common platform, from which press agencies will develop in their own direction while ensuring the right direction. .. The main press agencies need to develop digital transformation projects to receive funding support for foundation investment.

For small and medium-sized press agencies, the Ministry will have an orientation for this agency to connect platforms invested by the state for large press agencies for general use. In addition, the Ministry will also build separate platforms for small and medium-sized press agencies for these units to actively deploy, connect…

In terms of resources, the Ministry of Information and Communications has planned to work with businesses to build some platforms and put them into trial operation. In the spirit of leading the national argument transformation, the Ministry of Information and Communications will accompany press agencies in digital transformation to ensure this is effective and step by step stand…

Mr. Le Quoc Minh, Member of the Party Central Committee, Editor-in-Chief of the People’s Newspaper, Deputy Head of the Central Propaganda Department, Chairman of the Vietnam Journalists Association, said that digital transformation is the path of the whole country and the press cannot out of this trend. In the context of the digital era with a lot of changes. It is a change in technology in general, journalism technology, changes in the behavior of readers and audiences, so there is no other way than digitization and digital transformation. Digital transformation is the inevitable path of all press agencies, if they do not want to be “removed”, they need to actively change and cooperate with other media agencies to create a foothold and position in the newspaper industry. technology magazine.

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