What is ‘earworm’ that experts advise not to listen to music before going to bed?

Many people have a hobby of listening to music before going to bed. However, this habit can disrupt sleep, making it difficult for them to have a good night’s sleep. The cause of this condition is not known.

When listening to music too close to bedtime, listeners are more likely to experience a phenomenon called “earworm,” a song that is constantly repeated in the mind unintentionally. Ear decay can appear when listening to music with and without lyrics. The piece of music that keeps repeating in your head is often the best part, according to Science Daily.

The study compared the sleep quality of people with ear decay and those who never had the condition. Scientists have carried out a variety of research methods, from surveys on sleep quality, music listening habits, how often they suffer from ear decay to laboratory experiments.

The results showed that people who listen to music a lot, especially before going to sleep, may face persistent ear decay at night. This means that they keep repeating the melody of certain songs over and over in their heads to the point of making it very difficult for them to fall asleep, waking up more at night. Their sleep quality was also 6 times worse than the average person.

“Most people think listening to music helps them fall asleep, but our research shows that people who listen to music a lot sleep worse,” said Michael Scullin, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego. Baylor University (USA), said.

Scientists also recommend that the easiest way to get rid of ear decay is to focus your attention on a task or activity. This can direct the brain’s attention away from the loop of songs that keep playing over and over in your head. For example, people can spend about 5 to 10 minutes writing down a to-do list, the thoughts in their head, Science Daily.


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