What did Ngo Thanh Van, Victor Vu, and Minh Hang said when the movie theater closed

‘The State of Adventure’ stopped showing nationwide from 4-5 – Photo: ĐPCC

After news of closing the cinema in Ho Chi Minh City, Adventure status quo stop showing from 4-5 days. The reason is believed to be not only due to the closure of the Ho Chi Minh City theater, but also due to the complicated epidemic situation in some other localities.

Producer Ngo Thanh Van shared: “Once again the epidemic wave is in danger of outbreak, I have to pity the joy and happiness for the public health first.

Adventure status quo Having gone through a lot of difficulties and challenges during the past 3 years, but still receiving the love of many audiences, it is a great joy and motivation for me. The film has stopped showing but will definitely return on the nearest date “.

Do Adventure status quo Unexpectedly stopping screenings, theaters had to refund pre-order tickets to audiences. This is quite unfortunate as the film has received a positive response and is attracting more audiences compared to its slow start.

Manufacturer representative Turn over: 48 hours said that only the cinema in Ho Chi Minh City is closed, so the movie will continue to show in many localities, not stop like Adventure status quo. The film remains in theaters until further notice.

4-5 morning, producer representative Guardian angel said that the producer is still discussing with the publisher to decide whether to withdraw the movie from theaters waiting for the translation to settle down. Do Guardian angel is on the momentum to attract the audience, so this decision should be considered.

Director Victor Vu shared with the media that this is something no one wants, not only Victor Vu but any filmmaker at this time is also sad. However, according to the director, public health and anti-epidemic prevention must be prioritized.

Movie Trailer ‘Sweet Trap’ – Video: ĐPCC

Movie Sweet traps played by Minh Hang as an actor and producer, also announced a delay in the debut. Minh Hang was saddened by the news that cinemas had to close due to the epidemic.

Cast Walking and crying said that rescheduling is unavoidable even though the series previously rescheduled once from April to May.

“Public health remains a top priority and from the producer side we also want the film to be released at a time when the epidemic is under control.”

We are holding a meeting with investors to give the best time to release so that the audience can rest assured to go to the cinema to support the movie “- Minh Hang shared.

Currently, when the HCM City theater is closed, it is very difficult for the film to reach the hundred billion mark.

Postpone the fashion week for community safety

Vietnam International Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2021 (Vietnam International Fashion Weekexpected to take place from May 27-30 in Ho Chi Minh City. Press conference announced will take place on the afternoon of 5-5.

However, due to the evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic, Ms. Trang Le – founder and president Vietnam International Fashion Week – decided to postpone the press event.

Ms. Trang Le said: “Up to this point, the preparations are quite complete. However, due to the epidemic, the program can hardly take place as planned.

For the safety of each individual and the community, we may have to reschedule the program until the epidemic is under control. “

What do Ngo Thanh Van, Victor Vu, Minh Hang say when the cinema closes - Photo 3.

Designer Ly Giam Tien introduces a new collection at ‘Vietnam International Fashion Week’ – Photo: NVCC

Designer Ly Giam Tien is in the process of working on a new collection inspired by the unique values ​​and cultures of Vietnam from the perspective of young people.

And designer Adrian Anh Tuan, who opened this year’s fashion week, is also concentrating on completing 50 new outfits and accessories. This is his most “hot” collection ever.

“What Tuan worries the most is how to ensure everyone’s health. Particularly for fashion week, Tuan believes that the organizers will make the most appropriate decisions or adjustments.

Tuan’s team always has 4 collections available every year, if the Spring Summer fashion week has to be postponed, Tuan will have another collection suitable for the new organization “, said Adrian Anh Tuan. with Youth Online.

Ly Giam Tien worried: “TI find it difficult when the show is canceled, because it is not easy to contact the celebrity who attended the show at one time. ”

What do Ngo Thanh Van, Victor Vu, Minh Hang say when the cinema closes - Photo 4.

Designer Adrian Anh Tuan will open the opening of ‘Vietnam International Fashion Week Spring Summer 2021’ – Photo: NVCC

“If the reason is force majeure, the event cannot go on as planned, it will cause considerable damage to a program of this scale.

Designers also devote a lot of effort and money to creating collections for performances. However, for the safety of the community, if the program has to be canceled or postponed to ensure safety, the crew will comply “, Ms. Trang Le emphasized.


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