What are the requirements for standard chip-mounted citizen identification cards?

What is a qualified chip-mounted citizen identification card?

According to Circular No. 06/2021 / TT-BCA on the model of citizen’s identity card issued by the Ministry of Public Security, specifying the shape, size, content, specifications, other languages, materials. Citizen identity card and responsibility of Police units and localities in the production, issuance and management of citizen identity card templates. Subjects of application include: Vietnamese citizens aged full 14 years or older who carry out procedures for issuance, exchange, re-issuance of citizen’s identity card; Police units and localities; Agencies, organizations and individuals involved in the production, issuance and management of citizen identification cards.

Regarding the shape, size and material of a citizen’s identity card, the Circular stipulates that a citizen’s identity card has a rectangle, width 53.98 mm ± 0.12 mm, length 85.6 mm ± 0.12. mm, thickness 0.76 mm ± 0.08 mm, four corners cut round with radius r = 3.18 mm ± 0.3 mm. Citizen’s identity cards are manufactured using materials approved by the Minister of Public Security.

Sample identification card with electronic chip

Contents of a citizen’s identity card stipulate that the front of the card includes the following information:

– Left, from top to bottom: National Emblem of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, 12 mm in diameter; photo of the person issued with a citizen’s identity card sized 20 x 30 mm; Valid to / Date of expiry;

– Right, from top to bottom: SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM; Independence – Freedom – Happiness; SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIET NAM; Independence – Freedom – Happiness; the words Citizen Identity Card / Citizen Identity Card; chip icon; QR code; Number / No; Full name / Full name; Date of birth; Sex / Sex; Nationality / Nationality; Hometown / Place of origin; Place of residence / Place of residence;

The back of a citizen’s identity card contains the following information:

– To the left, from top to bottom: Identity / Personal identification; Date, month, year / Date, month, year; DIRECTOR GENERAL OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENT FOR ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT OF SOCIAL ORDER; signature, full name of card issuer; seal with the national emblem of the card-issuing agency; electronic chips.

– Right, from top to bottom: There are 2 boxes: Left index finger / Left index finger and Right index finger / Right index finger of the cardholder.

– MRZ series.

Another language on the citizen’s identity card is English, which is a condition for Vietnamese citizens to use the card instead of using a passport when Vietnam signs an international treaty or agreement allowing citizens of the signatory country. to use cards in lieu of using passports in each other’s territories.

Encourage people to convert to a citizen’s identity card with electronic chips

According to Major General To Van Hue, Director of the Police Department for the administrative management of social order, citizen identification cards using electronic chips have many advantages over bar codes. This card is more secure, can store more information fields.

The card can integrate more information of other ministries and branches on health insurance, social insurance, driver’s license … and this card is suitable for the current digital technology trend compared to the usage. Citizen identification barcode card.

A new point in the citizen’s ID card has a QR code that stores 7 fields of citizen information. Therefore, in the process of administrative and civil transactions, agencies and organizations can use the QR code scanning to check personal information without presenting the ID number. In particular, the information in the QR code has been verified by the Ministry of Public Security.

In particular, the level of security of the chip is very high, so the citizen’s identity information stored on the chip-mounted citizen’s identity cannot be changed and cannot be tampered with and the biometric match can be made. on-chip, identity forgery is minimized.

In addition, chip-mounted citizen identification card clearly stipulates access rights, allows fast data access and does not reveal personal information when losing card

The citizen’s identity card is attached with electronic chip, absolutely no locating or tracking citizens. The identity authentication can be done offline without the need of an Internet connection.

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