Weltmeister Maven, a sleek head-to-toe concept in China

Concept model The brand-new Weltmeister Maven The slick look below is the latest of the impressive new concepts introduced at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show. Basically, this electric concept is a four-door sedan, and is Immediately impressed with the winding headlamp system, extremely thin, connected by a central light bar. At the rear, it also has thin taillights, and the overall design is so smooth that it offers a drag coefficient of just 0.23 Cd.Head to head Weltmeister Maven electric scooter shows that it does not have a grille, thin curling headlight strips, hood with distinctive motifs. Other eye-catching details of Weltmeister Maven are the lack of a traditional B-pillar, suicide door systems, door handles protruding into the hull, and aerodynamically optimized wheels to improve handling. reason and distance traveled.Weltmeister Maven’s side view shows that it has a large set of wheels, a low roof, and a sloping coupe. Looking inside the interior, we see that the Weltmeister Maven is equipped with a stylish steering wheel that users will probably not touch often. That’s because it is fully self-driving and features state-of-the-art 5G connectivity, V2X (communicates the car to everything around), L3 self-driving system and autonomous parking. L4.Weltmeister Maven preserves the smooth design from head to tail, and the rear also has an equally impressive lighting system at the front. Similar to the exterior paint tone, Maven’s interior uses light green upholstery on the seats and interior door cladding. The cabin space also features a variety of ring-colored decorations, including seat belts, interior door handles, and the edge edges of the center console.Weltmeister does not share much specific information about the Maven’s powertrain, but we do know that the concept is an all-electric car, with a distance of 800 km according to the NEDC cycle. According to some sources, Weltmeister in China plans to put it into commercial production next year.Video: Introducing the new Weltmeister Maven electric luxury sedan.


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