Warning criminals taking advantage of digital technology to bet on football in the 2022 World Cup season

Over the past time, the police force has continuously discovered and successfully dismantled many online gambling and football betting lines with the amount of up to trillions of dong; The crime of betting on cyberspace tends to be complicated, especially the ongoing 2022 World Cup season.

According to Lieutenant General To An Xo, Chief of Office, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Public Security, football betting lines are formed by the leaders of professional gambling organizations, often criminal subjects, gender “brothers and sisters”, connected with the “banker” managing betting websites (M88.com, Fun88.com, Bong88.com…) that have servers located abroad to set up splits for teams Online football betting organization in Vietnam, with many attractive forms of advertising and publicity in Vietnamese.

Warning criminals taking advantage of digital technology to bet on football in the 2022 World Cup season.

Criminals who bet on football in cyberspace often have a close relationship with each other and have many sophisticated tricks to deal with authorities such as: Using smart mobile devices with connectivity the internet to exchange information and commit criminal acts; Taking advantage of loopholes in management, cyberspace control, garbage sim management, payment management to commit crimes.

Players only need to have devices connected to the Internet, register for a member account, have a personal account at the bank, transfer money to the account or top up gambling via phone scratch cards, through an intermediary payment gateway. to participate in betting.

If the player loses without payment, the player may be forced to pay by the leaders in the form of illegal arrest, confiscation of property or hiring criminal objects to collect debt…

In order to actively prevent and fight gambling crimes in the form of football betting on cyberspace, the Ministry of Public Security proposes:

Every citizen needs to raise their awareness of self-observance of laws related to crime and gambling, especially football betting; must be aware of the consequences and harmful effects of football betting on themselves, their families and society; absolutely do not participate in football betting in any form. Careful management, education, mobilization of relatives and people around to raise vigilance, stay away from football betting.

In case of detecting suspects related to football betting, it is necessary to promptly report the denunciation to the nearest police agency or via the hotline of the Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security for measures. investigation and handling measures, contributing to a healthy social environment.

The Criminal Police, Cybersecurity and High-Tech Crime Prevention and Control, the Administrative Management of Social Order and other professional forces will drastically step in, using a variety of professional measures. high technology to detect and strictly handle those who organize and participate in gambling in the form of football betting.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, the crime of organizing gambling and gambling taking place in cyberspace has been causing many consequences for society, adversely affecting people’s lives, and directly affecting security and order. on one’s own.

Recently, the Department of Cybersecurity and High-Tech Crime Prevention, the Ministry of Public Security and the Public Security of units and localities have synchronously and drastically implemented many plans and measures to prevent and fight effective painting; promptly handle activities of organizing gambling and gambling in cyberspace on a large scale, inter-provincial, even transnational… recognized and appreciated by sectors, levels and people.

Typically: Breaking down the line of organizing gambling and gambling through the Evol system (evol.club), with an amount of about VND 30,000 billion; dismantled the line of organizing gambling and gambling through Nagaclubs.com, with the amount of about VND 87,000 billion; dismantled the line of organizing gambling, gambling through bong88.com, with an amount of about 13,500 billion dong…

In 2021 alone, the police of units and localities detected and handled 694 cases and dismantled 181 specialized projects related to online gambling and gambling activities. In which, prosecuted 570 cases, prosecuted 2,674 accused, administratively handled 154 cases, administratively sanctioned 1,426 subjects, seized a lot of money, objects and related documents… Discovered on 20 payment gateways An intermediary of unknown origin is used to organize gambling activities.

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