Volunteer blue shirt to support people to vote

Ha Tinh youth deploy many election propaganda activities

TPO – In the past time, the Youth Union at all levels in Ha Tinh province has carried out many propaganda campaigns to elect deputies to the 15th National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels for the 2021 term – 2026.

Youth union members of forces throughout the province "go every alley, knock door to door" to propagate about the election of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and the election of People's Council deputies at all levels, term 2021-2026.

Quang Binh: More than 5,000 young people volunteer to support election work

TPO – Quang Binh Provincial Youth Union has deployed more than 5,000 young volunteers throughout the province to support and serve the election on May 23.

The 'mobile ballot boxes' cross the pass to the homes of elderly voters

The ‘mobile ballot boxes’ cross the pass to the homes of elderly voters

TPO – The mountainous and border districts of Nghe An province have conducted early voting. The bustling and eager atmosphere of the mountain festival crept to the village and village. The image is more beautiful when cadres, soldiers, and youth union members bring ballot boxes to voters who are the elderly and disabled so that they can exercise their citizenship rights.

Delegates participated in the online talkshow program:

Young voters understand correctly, act responsibly

TPO – The biggest responsibility of every young voter is to properly understand and act responsibly. That is the message given at the online talkshow: “Young Voters in the Capital: Responsible Elections – Comprehensive Anti-epidemic”, organized by the Hanoi Youth Union.

The Metropolitan Police's youth join hands to fight the COVID-19 epidemic

The Metropolitan Police’s youth join hands to fight the COVID-19 epidemic

With the message “Joining hands to repel the C OVID -19 epidemic and ensure election safety”, the Hanoi Metropolitan Police Youth Union organized a donation of 11,000 masks, 160 bottles of hand sanitizer, and 1,200 boxes. milk, 500 cakes at 16 polling stations in Tay Ho, Cau Giay and Hoai Duc districts.

The beautiful and regular dance of the students of the People's Police Academy

The beautiful and regular dance of the students of the People’s Police Academy

TPO – In harmony with the election atmosphere of the country, the students actively participated in responding to the “I go to vote” communication campaign launched by the Central Youth Union in collaboration with Vietnam Television.

Officers and soldiers of Con Co Border Station deployed patrols to protect the island.  Photo: Nguyen Minh

Major Border Guard major’s wish to develop Con Co fortification island

TPO – As the head of Con Co Border Guard Station and participating in the candidacy of the People’s Council of Con Co island district (Quang Tri) for the 2021-2026 term, Major Nguyen Dinh Cuong shared his concerns and aspiration to protect, Build a money island.

'Love bus' to poor students in Tra Vinh

‘Love bus’ to poor students in Tra Vinh

TPO – On May 20, on the occasion of the conclusion of the 2020-2021 school year, towards the International Children’s Day June 1 and Action Month for Children in 2021, the Central Team Council coordinated with the Study Promotion Association of Tra Vinh province. , the Tra Vinh Provincial Team Council and the Youth Social Work Center under the Vietnam Youth Union Central Committee organized the program “Love bus – With you to school” in 2021 in Cang Long districts, Tieu Can and Cau Ke, Tra Vinh province.

Can Tho launches 'Safe Green Belt' volunteer campaign

Can Tho launches ‘Safe Green Belt’ volunteer campaign

TPO – On May 20, the Standing Committee of Can Tho Youth Union launched the units under the Youth Union to deploy the “Safe Green Belt” volunteer campaign to install the Bluezone application and make electronic medical declarations. death.


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