VinFast and a business story in Love

Customers are companions

“No one gives more bait to the fish that caught the fish” can be considered the most characteristic image of the Vietnamese auto market that has existed for decades. Results from a 2019 study by the Asia-Pacific market research organization JDPower showed that the level of customer satisfaction with car manufacturers’ after-sales service in Vietnam is low. . Many customers did not receive the care after completing the transaction as the dealer promised when buying a car.

“In the market with the purchasing power of about 400,000 cars / year (2019) like Vietnam, but customers are always ‘the bottom door’ in all disputes with car manufacturers, let alone after-sales policies. To maximize profits, firms often apply a policy of ‘discontinuous buying’, ignoring old customers and focusing on finding new customers, “said Tran Danh Thai, director of a consulting firm. brand in Hanoi said.

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Therefore, the fact that VinFast spent 600 billion dong to pay tribute to more than 30,000 customers who have accompanied and supported the company to the No. 1 position is considered a “strange” story in the car market. The VinFast user community is excited about the 5-star resort package at Vinpearl worth tens of millions of VND, while many people regret cheap because they did not choose Vietnamese cars.

Mr. Tran Danh Thai said that this is the way of doing business “respect”.

“This is a very different way of doing, bearing the true mark of VinFast. All gifting programs of this car company are applicable to old customers, meaning that those who bought a car from the first time have received 4 or 5 gifts, the total value must be hundreds of millions. Understandably, the company considers customers as real companions. VinFast’s respectful behavior shows that, although if they only give gratitude to customers preparing to buy a car, no one can say anything, ”Mr. Thai said.

In fact, “old privileges” is the way to take care of customers “made in VinFast”. Previously, the company gave a 50 million VND holiday voucher to all customers who bought a car; increase the warranty period from 3 years to 5 years for Lux cars, applicable to cars already sold before; Give gratitude gifts to old customers with vouchers worth up to VND 120 million to buy a second car or support relatives to buy cars …

According to marketing experts, VinFast’s unprecedented way of doing is a very delicate form of customer care and comes from the heart. This method is very expensive, but makes old customers feel always remembered, thereby adding attachment to the brand, while new customers still receive incentives with great value.

Remove bad market precedents

After only 18 months of having commercial products, VinFast sold a total of 30,000 cars to the market. Experts acknowledge that, in addition to the confirmed quality, the Vietnamese automaker’s impressive sales are partly due to the love of customer care and the generous after-sales policy that VinFast is doing very thoughtfully.

Accordingly, in addition to “old privileges”, VinFast users also receive the longest warranty in the market (5 years or 165,000km with Lux series); free rescue 24/7; The extensive system of showrooms, dealers and service workshops … Tracking the car market for nearly 20 years, expert Ngo Duc Phu acknowledged, VinFast has built a new standard for the Vietnamese auto market:

“VinFast’s kindness in customer care has spread heat on long-standing automakers in the Vietnamese market, which always consider themselves ‘top priority’ compared to customers. The firms themselves have had to change to avoid losing market share, bad precedents in the Vietnamese car market are gradually changing positively, ”Mr. Phu said.

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The expert told the story, once a customer took nearly 10 years to reflect and sue the car company because the car was faulty without the warranty. By the time it got benefits, the car had become old. “Unbroken buying” is a bad precedent for the Vietnamese auto market, and the appearance of VinFast is clearly changing this.

According to experts, the way VinFast respects customers is creating a great pressure on the car market, forcing other firms to change to compete. From there, consumers will benefit in the end.

There are dozens of reasons for customers to “down money” to buy a car. For car manufacturers to develop sustainably, it must be the trust, respect, pride and love of customers with their brands. With what is doing for its customers, VinFast has all the qualities to establish a leading position in the Vietnamese auto market.


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