Vietnam’s Internet going abroad is affected by the problem of undersea fiber optic cable

According to newly received information, Internet service providers (ISPs) in Vietnam said that 2 out of 5 undersea fiber optic routes that account for most of the Internet connection capacity from Vietnam to international destinations are experiencing service interruptions. This has a certain effect on Internet connection from Vietnam to international.

Specifically, the Asia Africa Europe 1 (AAE-1) undersea fiber optic cable had a problem on the morning of May 26. The operator has detected a voltage drop on the S1H branch of the AAE-1 line. According to initial assessment, there was an error causing a partial break of the fiber on the S1H.1 segment of the cable route.

Up to now, ISPs in Vietnam have not received a repair plan to fix problems online optical fiber sea ​​AAE-1.

As a sea cable route put into operation in July 2017, AAE-1 has the role of improving quality towards Europe and the Middle East as well as providing additional capacity and redundancy towards the connection direction to Hong Kong (China). Country), Singapore.

Meanwhile, another undersea cable line, APG, performs cable maintenance in the direction of Hong Kong (China) from 24 hours on June 5 and is expected to be completed at 10 pm on June 10.

The Asia Pacific Gateway – APG international undersea fiber optic cable route was officially put into operation in mid-December 2016, after 4 years of investment. With the participation of 4 domestic carriers, APG is considered as a cable route that contributes to bringing a stable transmission line with a larger capacity for Internet users in Vietnam.

In the condition that both AAE-1 and APG undersea cable lines are disrupting services, carriers in Vietnam have carried out load balancing, redirecting connections to other undersea cable routes as well as some land cable routes. to ensure the quality of service provided to customers.

For example, CMC Telecom has increased capacity through the cable direction across Southeast Asia (A-Grid), connecting the Internet from Vietnam to Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

VNPT has also actively navigated and weighed other cable directions that are operating stably such as CSC, AAG, IA, SMW3…

In addition, in the notice sent to customers, VNPT also said that it is actively coordinating with relevant units and partners to check and thoroughly overcome problems with international Internet connection.

This is not the time cable problem optical affect domestic Internet users. In the early days of 2021, IA and APG – two of the five undersea cable routes that account for most of the Internet connection capacity from Vietnam to the world, also had problems.


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