Vietnam’s first McLaren 720S supercar “changes clothes” to welcome 2022

Returning home at the end of 2017, the Mclaren 720S rare item This article belongs to the Launch Edition version only 400 units worldwide. Initially, the car had the original Glacier White paint with a set of 5-spoke star-shaped wheels and gray brake shackles.However, after that McLaren 720S supercar This shirt is often “changed” by the method of decal stickers, including gray, matte black, white – black, blue and red – black.Most recently, the car continues to impress when it changes to an eye-catching banana green color, completely different from the rest of the 720S in Vietnam. Currently, the car is equipped with 720S Spider’s 5-spoke flower-shaped wheels, combined with outstanding orange brake calipers.And yet, the exhaust system of the car has also been modified to give a stronger, more aggressive sound. This is in line with the fact that the 4.0L twin-turbo V8 has been upgraded to produce more than 900 hp, significantly more than the original numbers – 720 hp and 770 torque. Nm.The first McLaren 720S returned to Vietnam Under the Luxury configuration, the car has many details made from Dark Palladium material, which can be mentioned as front air intakes, small air vents on the side of the car, air vents on the bonnet, headlight sockets. , rear diffuser…Inside, this McLaren 720S has been completely re-wrapped with Hermers orange tones after a period of using cowhide brown, making the British supercar more unique and classy.Video: Discover the trio of McLaren 720S supercars in Vietnam.


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