Vietnamese entrepreneurs in the US want to contribute to ‘technify’ the country

Mr. Sang Nhin, Chairman, representing Westcoast Precision Inc., said that he always wanted to contribute to “technologyize” the country.

In the morning of May 17 (evening of May 17, Hanoi time), Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh worked with a number of overseas Vietnamese businesses in the financial and technology fields in San Francisco, on the occasion of his visit to the US.

Mr. Sang Nhin highly appreciated the working trip of the Prime Minister and the Vietnamese delegation. Recalling the American saying “I have a dream” (I have a dream), he expressed his desire to contribute to “technologyize” the country.

Mr. Sang Nhin at a meeting with the Prime Minister on the morning of May 17. Image: Nhat Bac

Westcoast Precision Inc. has been operating for nearly 30 years in the field of precision mechanics, semiconductor materials for defense… Proposing cooperation, production and business activities in Vietnam, Mr. Sang Nhin affirmed. The leading role is human resources and believes in the strong development future of the country.

“I’m proud of the Vietnamese people, we can do what we set out to do,” he said.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Yen, a researcher with many inventions and inventions in high-tech fields, also highly appreciates Vietnamese human resources. Working with overseas Vietnamese engineers around the world to implement a project on the internet of things (IoT), applying artificial intelligence to apply in the agricultural field of Vietnam, she realizes that the young people of Vietnam have a high level of education. and the spirit is very high, “no matter how hard it is, you can do it”.

“If the Vietnamese people are better connected at home and abroad, they will create greater strength for the development of the country,” she shared.

Mr. Don Lam, Chairman of Vinacapital Group, said that there must be a policy to attract talents, promote the image of Vietnam and the mechanisms and policies of the Party and State… to global investors.

The Prime Minister shakes hands with overseas Vietnamese businessmen in San Francisco, USA.  Photo: Nhat Bac

The Prime Minister shakes hands with overseas Vietnamese businessmen in San Francisco, USA. Image: Nhat Bac

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh suggested relevant agencies to study and set up an online working mechanism to be able to exchange more conveniently with overseas Vietnamese, including overseas Vietnamese in the West Coast of the United States. research more favorable policies for overseas Vietnamese to contribute and contribute to the country.

Agreeing with the view that people are the most precious capital, making the most of Vietnam’s intelligence, capacity and human qualities, the Prime Minister assigned relevant agencies to handle proposals and recommendations on programs. , specific project in Vietnam.

Government leaders also shared with the difficulties and challenges of overseas Vietnamese and overseas Vietnamese businessmen in the US during the Covid-19 pandemic, and thanked them for their contributions to the domestic epidemic prevention and control, both physically and mentally. substance and spirit.

“The more difficult and challenging the situation, the more united Vietnamese people become, strongly promoting their identity, historical and cultural traditions, especially the tradition of drinking water, remembering the source,…”, the Prime Minister said.

He wishes businessmen to always be healthy, have successful business, have a prosperous and happy life, respect local laws; constantly strive for technology transformation, digital transformation, and supply chain diversification; always look forward to and contribute to the homeland and the country, as well as to the comprehensive relationship between Vietnam and the US.

The Prime Minister affirmed that the Party and State always consider the overseas Vietnamese community as an integral part of the Vietnamese ethnic community. Many open-minded undertakings and policies have been issued, creating favorable conditions for people to visit the country, relatives, investment, business, science – technology cooperation, cultural – art activities. .

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh arrived in the US on May 11, starting to attend a series of events within the framework of the ASEAN-US Special Summit on May 12-13, and also visited and worked in the US. United Nations, scheduled to last until May 17.

Hoang Thuy


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