Vietnamese dairy giant promotes sustainable farms to the world

FranceAt the Global Dairy Conference, Vinamilk leaders said that the closed farm model helps the company develop sustainably with clean ingredients in the context of escalating input prices.

Vinamilk is the only representative of the dairy industry in Southeast Asia to attend the 15th Global Dairy Conference, taking place in Laval (France) from June 14-16. The event attracted 200 units from 30 countries and regions. In addition to Vinamilk, Asia also has the presence of big names in the industry such as Meji, Yili…

With the theme “Natural advantage”, in more than 20 presentations from different countries, the content of sustainable development through modern milk production models was shared by many corporations at the event, besides: billion dollar brand building process.

According to Kantar’s assessment, the trend of developing regenerative agriculture models will help dairy companies develop in a sustainable way. The company’s report also shows that Asia is a potential market for milk consumption in the future. In particular, China and Vietnam are countries with increasing understanding of the importance of milk and dairy products for future generations. It is forecasted that the growth rate of milk and dairy products in Asian countries will explode.

In his presentation, Mr. Nguyen Quang Tri, Marketing Executive Director of Vinamilk, said that the sustainable development model is not only a destination but also a journey to create a closed value chain. The goal of the enterprise in building an ecological farm is to bring quality and high-class products thanks to the added values ​​​​to customers from the environment-friendly factor.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Tri, Marketing Executive Director of Vinamilk presented at the event. Image: Lan Anh

Vinamilk built a closed ecological farm from 2019 with three farms located in Tay Ninh, Quang Nam and Thanh Hoa, with a total initial investment of more than 3,000 billion. Dairy cows here are imported from the US, Australia, and New Zealand, 100% purebred. Farms cultivate organically, without the use of chemical fertilizers, without pesticides, and use a regenerative soil cycle to manage resources. Green areas on farms are maintained with a coverage rate of over 70%.

The enterprise said it will convert all its current farm models into Vinamilk Green Farm in the future. This will be a typical model for businesses to have a sustainable transformation.

Vinamilk’s representative shared: “The Vietnamese government has committed to reducing net emissions at COP26, towards zero by 2050. In the agricultural sector, as a leading dairy enterprise in Vietnam, Vinamilk has implemented implementation of plans to accelerate the realization of this goal”.

Vinamilk's ecological farm in Tay Ninh.  Photo: VNM

Vinamilk’s ecological farm in Tay Ninh. Image: VNM

Vinamilk’s closed farm model attracts the attention of foreign guests. “I am impressed with this model and this is a global trend. Vinamilk, one of the leading dairy companies in the world, is implementing very good sustainability programs”, said Mr. Richard Hall, Chairman. Global Dairy Conference 2022 evaluation.

A representative of the World Dairy Federation (IFD) said that aspects of sustainable development, such as regenerative agriculture, animal welfare, and carbon neutrality, are the top priorities of the dairy industry globally. Vinamilk is on the right track, especially when the demand for milk in Vietnam is increasing.

Mr. Tran Quang Trung, Chairman of the Vietnam Dairy Association, assessed that the sustainable development model is the inevitable trend of the future. Therefore, Vietnam needs to have good policies to encourage and accelerate sustainable agricultural models that contribute to reducing pollution and promoting a dynamic economy associated with environmental friendliness.

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