Vietinbank women’s volleyball successfully defended the National U23 Volleyball Championship championship

The tournament has the participation of 11 men’s and women’s teams with nearly 160 athletes (athletes). This is an exciting and thrilling tournament when the goal of VietinBank women’s volleyball team is to successfully defend the championship while the other competitors present the best athletes to compete. The young girls performed excellently with all-win results in the qualifying round, taking first place in the group, entering the semi-finals against Quang Ninh with a confident attitude to continue winning and reaching the final.

Meeting a charming opponent, the Information Command in the final match, in a day of great perseverance, the VietinBank women’s volleyball team affirmed their strength when they won 3-1 in 4 sets. stress fight. There were suffocating moments when the two teams continuously chased the score, but with the bravery of the champion, the Vietinbank girls won the final set with a score of 30-28, thereby successfully maintaining the throne. King of the National U23 Volleyball Championship.

In 2022 with the following achievements: Top 4 strongest teams in National Youth Volleyball Championship, 3rd Prize in National Youth Volleyball Club Cup, National U23 Volleyball Cup Champion, VietinBank women’s volleyball team has proven that efficiency and quality in training young people, together towards the goal of stable, sustainable and professional development, contributing to further enhancing the reputation and brand of VietinBank.

To achieve today’s success in addition to the serious, methodical and quality training of the team of coaches and athletes, it is impossible not to mention the focus on training young athletes and the full investment in the training. enthusiastic and comprehensive both physically and mentally for the team.

As one of the few teams with a foundation for training athletes from a gifted age, every year Vietin Coseco – the governing body of VietinBank Women’s Volleyball Team regularly recruits, nurtures and trains talented athletes. Children at a young age, if they have the right height, passion and talent for sports, will be recruited, nurtured and trained for free in both culture and sports in a professional environment. The teachers used to be famous players in the volleyball village of Vietnam and the region such as Ha Thu Dau, Pham Thi Kim Hue, Nguyen Duy Quang, Ha Thi Hoa, Nguyen Thi Hien… From this training cradle, many young athletes have grown up. became famous in the sports world and became a student of major universities in Vietnam.



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