VietinBank is free of interest for life with i-Zero credit card

VietinBank launched an i-Zero domestic credit card with 0% interest rate for all transactions spent via card.

VietinBank i-Zero is a domestic credit card, with full features including: flexible credit limit, suitable for all types of customers; payment for goods and services, cash withdrawal throughout the territory of Vietnam; Payment term up to 45 days …

In addition to the general features of the credit card, with the message “Spending comfortably – no worries about interest”, i-Zero card also offers a lifetime interest exemption for transactions spent via card. Customers can use the card with the limit granted by the bank to purchase goods and services without having to pay interest to the bank during the period of being granted the card credit limit.

Customers can freely spend with VietinBank i-Zero card without having to worry about interest rates.

After a payment term of up to 45 days, if the bank has not been fully paid, customers will only pay the bank the 1.99% transaction management fee applicable to outstanding balance per statement cycle. is paid at the due date. As such, customers do not have to pay interest from the date of transaction like normal international credit cards.

In addition to the preeminent interest rate benefits, cardholders also enjoy installment incentives at hundreds of major partners across the country, participating in the card ecosystem and promotions of VietinBank. In addition, the card has security features through the provision and control of OTP for each payment transaction; integrated feature allows cardholders to easily manage their cards anywhere, anytime via electronic banking or mobile banking application VietinBank iPay Mobile.

For more information, contact VietinBank branches, nationwide transaction offices or Contact Center: 1900 558 868. Email: [email protected]

(Source and photo: VietinBank)


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