Vehicle emissions control, improve air quality

Specifically, the Ministry of Transport identified that road motor vehicles, mainly cars, motorcycles, and motorbikes, are one of the main sources of gas emissions such as: carbon oxides (CO). , hydrogen carbon (HC), nitrous oxide NOx, waste dust (PM) and toxins in fuel such as benzene … cause air pollution, especially urban air pollution, directly affect people’s health.

Therefore, the Ministry of Transport has developed policies, implementing synchronous road motor vehicle emissions control from production, assembly and new import, to vehicle emissions control. are circulating, contributing significantly in improving air quality.

The Ministry of Transport has implemented many solutions to control the emissions of air pollutants from vehicles.

In particular, the control of emissions of newly manufactured, assembled and imported road vehicles has been implemented since 2007 according to the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 249/2005 / QD-TTg on the roadmap. Emission standards for road motor vehicles are applied. Accordingly, new assembled and imported cars, motorcycles and motorbikes will apply Euro 2 emission standards from 1 January 2007. During the implementation process, the emission control of road motor vehicles has gradually gone into order; has basically achieved the goal of creating technical barriers to prevent outdated motorized road vehicles with high emissions, causing environmental pollution to be brought into our country.

From January 1, 2017, two-wheeled motorcycles have applied the emission standard level 3; cars running on gasoline and other fuels besides diesel (NG, LPGā€¦) that have applied emission standards at level 4; From January 1, 2018, diesel-powered cars have applied Euro 4 emission standards; From 1/1/2022, newly manufactured, assembled and imported cars will apply level 5 emission standards (emission standards level 3, 4, 5 are the standards equivalent to the emission standards. Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5 of Europe).

Vietnam will start to apply emission standards level 5 (Euro 5) from January 1, 2022

Regarding the content of emissions control of road motor vehicles in traffic, imported used road motor vehicles, the director of the Environment Department Tran Anh Duong said that the control of gas Waste of imported road motorized vehicles in traffic, used road motor vehicles imported in our country shall be applied to cars since 2006 according to Decision No. 249/2005 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister.

Implementing the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 16/2019 / QD-TTg dated March 28, 2019, regulating the roadmap for applying the emission standards of cars in traffic and imported used cars. The Ministry of Transport has directed agencies and units to study, supplement and amend regulations on technical safety inspection and environmental protection for cars in traffic; improve the qualifications and equipment of registry units.

Update emissions targets and application roadmap to the inspection process; propagating and disseminating to importing enterprises, car owners and car drivers on the roadmap for application of the standards; organize and mobilize resources to research, test and apply emission treatment technologies to develop mechanisms and policies, perfect the system of standards and technical regulations and improve the efficiency of emission management. discharging pollutants from motor vehicles in traffic. At present, the implementation of emission standards for imported cars and used cars has been implemented by the Ministry of Transport in accordance with regulations.

Regarding the control of exhaust gas for motorbikes and motorbikes in traffic, Mr. Tran Anh Duong said that motorcycles and mopeds are vehicles with rapid growth and large quantity; Due to their specific use, motorbikes and mopeds have become one of the important factors causing environmental pollution, especially in big cities; The operation control as well as the emission control of motorcycles and motorbikes have become the concern of the city authorities, especially Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

To solve this problem, in 2016, the Ministry of Transport developed and submitted to the Prime Minister regulations on emission control for motorbikes in traffic in big cities. However, the control of the exhaust gas of motorbikes and motorbikes in traffic should be linked with the regulations on the inspection of exhaust gas for motorbikes and motorbikes; This content has not been specified in the Law on Road Traffic 2008.

Therefore, the Ministry of Transport has included this content in the draft Law amending the Road Traffic Law. On the basis of the provisions of the Law, the Ministry of Transport will develop a roadmap for emission inspection for motorbikes and motorbikes for synchronous implementation nationwide.

In the process of implementation, basically raising the vehicle owner’s awareness and responsibility in maintenance and repair to maintain the technical status of reducing emissions of environmental pollutants in the process of exploitation and use. .

According to Directive 03 / CT-TTg dated January 18, 2021 of the Prime Minister on strengthening the control of the air environment, which requires the Ministry of Transport to urgently develop national programs and projects. to develop environmentally friendly means of transport and public transportation systems.

In addition, the Prime Minister asked to promote propaganda and encourage people to use public transport, environmentally friendly means of transport; organize the implementation of the roadmap for application of national technical regulations on environment to the emissions of means of transport ….

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