VCS Winter 2021: LX ends the second week of competition with a destructive victory, “circus” SE “shows itself”

While LX and CES ended the 2nd week of VCS Winter 2021 quite well, the SE was completely empty-handed.

The 11/27 competition day will be the last match day of the 2nd week of VCS Winter 2021 of all 4 teams Luxury Esports – SBTC Esports and CERBERUS Esports – Saigon Buffalo. Both pairs of matches have names that promise to bring many unexpected attractions. Of these, SE is the team with the worst record when they are having a very bad 2nd week with 2 consecutive losses, and only 1 game won against the team that is rated extremely weak – Burst The Sky Esports (finally still lost 1-2).

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Game 1 match LX – SE proved to be quite balanced, even after the laning phase ended, the difference in the amount of gold between the two teams was not too big. However, after the fight in Baron, SE officially lost control of the match to LX. Celebrity is good but he alone is not enough while the LX side has both Vit and Killerqueen playing too well. Although SE tried, LX snowballed too strongly and took a 1-0 lead.

Game 2 of SE was even more miserable when they chose for themselves a somewhat more passive lineup than the LX. Malphite only works while R – Unstoppable and Caitlyn needs items to fight. However, SE also has a good tit-for-tat phase. However, after winning the fight to be counterattacked by LX, SE could only maintain a balance in the number of kills until the late game. The advantage of LX was increasingly extended and after that, this team finished game 2 after 26 minutes of play.

LX won convincingly against SE

The match between CES and SGB turned out to be quite one-sided in favor of “God Dog”. In a “sofM” day – EGO shined, SGB simply didn’t have any chance. In game 1, EGO’s Lee Sin was the key hero of teamfights and grabbing big goals. The SGB lineup was completely overwhelmed by CES and all SGB could do was resist hopelessly. 1-0 for CES is the final result of game 1.

SGB ​​maintained a pretty good balance in game 2 with a strange choice coming from Hasmed’s position when he used Mordekaiser for himself. But when EGO is disabled, CES still has names like Artemis, Yado. It was the seasoned ADC of CES who had an excellent performance and the teamfight at the Dragon cave in the 39th minute officially ended all SGB hopes.

The skirmish put an end to all SGB hopes

Thus, CES continues to maintain the unbeaten circuit while the LX also has 2 wins and only 1 loss against CES itself. SE is empty-handed in the 2nd week of VCS Winter 2021 while SGB is really leaving a lot of worries with a series of very forgettable achievements in this week.

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