Vazirani Ekonk – India’s fastest supercar officially launched

For most people interested in the auto industry, India is a country known mainly for its cheap and practical cars, but the second most populous country in the world now also has a very advanced supercar project. up. Brand new Vazirani Ekonk is a car from Vazirani Automotive, a small car manufacturer based in Mumbai. Previously, the company attracted attention when introducing a hypercar using Shul electric turbines at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2018.Supercar Vazirani Ekonk There is an electric battery-powered seat that uses an air-cooled system for the battery pack, as opposed to the liquid-cooled method used by most other modern electric vehicles. The Indian car maker says the technology, called DiCo, is based on a biomimetic approach, similar to how some animals use breathing to regulate their body temperature.The Indian company believes that with DiCo technology, its supercar will be lighter, safer, faster, more cost-effective, and even increase the range of the battery pack. Thanks to the absence of a complex liquid cooling system and a body made entirely of carbon fiber, Vazirani was able to keep the weight of the Ekonk light at just 738 kg.The car was also introduced to be without the use of electronic steering assist systems, further eliminating extra weight. Official details from Vazirani claim the maximum power of the electric powertrain is 722 horsepower, enough to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 2.54 seconds and reach a top speed of 310 km / h. .More, Ekonk of India It has also been described as “the world’s lightest electric vehicle”, and the fastest car India has ever produced. In addition, although not providing specific numbers, but Vazirani also proudly claims this supercar has one of the lowest coefficients of drag in the equivalent segment.For now, the Ekonk is just a prototype, and it was tested at the Natrax high-speed track near Indore, India. It is not known if this novel electric supercar will enter production, but the technologies used for it could quite well be applied to a more practical production vehicle.Video: Introducing India’s Vazirani Ekonk supercar.


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