USO kidnapped the Earth people?

In addition to the UFO in the sky, there are foreign objects moving in oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes, known as the USO (Unidentified Submerged Object). ) with many mysterious operations.

Several USO kidnappings have been reported, but the actual damage is still unknown.

“Museum of Time” under the sea

A notable kidnapping case due to USO The execution involved a woman named Betty Andreason Luca of South Ashburnham, Massachusetts, USA in 1950. She is now a housewife, mother and grandmother, and the strange incident happened when she was a a teenager.

Andreason Luca said that it was a normal afternoon, she was indoors when she was swept away by a “wheel-like device”, flying very fast towards a sea of ​​smooth speed, plunging straight down. the water surface then gently sank.

After a period of high-speed surfing, the ship entered a tunnel, with ice pillars along the walls, brightly lit, then came a large dome, possibly where the base was. or some other basis. She was struck by the fact that there were some people here inside the glass barrels, frozen there like insects trapped in amber.

They wear clothes from different historical periods and put in groups that match that period. She said that this place is like a “Museum of Time”. After that, she was sent home and forgot everything for decades. This memory only comes back during a hypnosis session that took place in 1980, after she suffered from frequent nightmares.

Prophet of the aliens

A strange meeting also took place with a man named Filiberto Cardenas in 1979 in Hialeah, Florida, USA.

On January 3 of that year, Cardenas drove to buy a pig to turn around on weekends, but he got lost and turned into a dark country road. Still confused, he heard a noise like “a swarm of bees” flying and the car started to shake strongly like an earthquake.

Then, Cardenas was suddenly paralyzed by some invisible force and was lifted into the air in a state of unconsciousness. When he regained consciousness, he was still paralyzed, sitting inside a bright room surrounded by humanoid creatures in helmets, who spoke to each other in a language that seemed to him like German.

In front of him was a wall-mounted screen, on which flashed images of different periods in Earth’s history and what he thought was the future. When the show ended, he was taken to a small ship that flew towards a beach, then plunged into the ocean.

The ship carrying him approached an underwater tunnel, along with it there was light, as if from some sort of bioluminescence. Then they entered a dry, cavernous area in the airbag.

Cardenas was taken from the ship and sat on a rock, greeted by a man. This person said he was on Earth, recruited by aliens. Moments later, Cardenas is taken to a large underwater city and back where he was kidnapped.

He revealed that the aliens had prophesied to him a number of events, such as the 1980 election in which Ronald Reagan would be elected president, the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City, the haunting of President Ai. Update Anwar Sadat in 1981 and the Gulf War against Saddam Hussein in 1990.

Illustration of Filiberto Cardenas being caught on a strange object.

Getting to the experiment?

The story of Orlando Jorge Ferraudi in Argentina is even more thrilling. In 1965, while fishing on the north coast, he suddenly felt like he was being watched.

Turning to look back, he saw a large humanoid body, about 2.5 meters tall with pale skin, bright eyes, dressed in a light yellow outfit. The stranger seemed to know Farraudi was frightened and tried to appease him through telepathic messages. Farraudi says:

It was a dark night. This person said to me in the thought, “Take it easy. You don’t have to be scared! ”. Then he took out a small box and placed it on the wall. When opened, this box emits a phosphorus light that allows me to see more details. The outfit of this entity is yellow, without wrinkles. He repeated “Don’t be afraid, you’ll come with me, we’ll have a long trip” ..

Then a large object like “an inverted plate” approached from the water, and then the door on it opened, a large person signaling them to enter.

Ferraudi seemed like a god, obediently at the flying object and saw a girl around 18 years old sitting inside. She also told him not to fear, aliens are friends, not enemies.

She, knowing her name is Elena, was taken on this ship not long before. Then they changed into their clothes, a type of jumpsuit, and they were told they would travel underwater, across the ocean to Africa.

Along the way, they stopped at a large underwater dome, where some bases appeared to “repair ships” and performed various experiments.

Ferraudi and Elena were fed a variety of tasteless red, yellow, brown and green eggs, then placed on a stretcher and the two fell into deep sleep. When they wake up, they are told that the “test results” are good, their pineal gland has been “reactivated” and this will allow them to receive mental messages from the aliens.

Both received a lot of information about the home planet of the aliens and how the ship works. Later, Farraudi woke up on the beach where he had encountered a strange phenomenon.


Really, are there such USOs at work in the oceans of our planet? Or is this just the imagination and hallucinations of those supposedly experienced? All is still as mysterious as many other UFO’s abductions.


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