US spends $45 billion on ambitious internet initiative

All Americans will have “cheap, high-speed” internet access by 2030 thanks to the “internet for all” initiative of the administration of President Joe Biden.

To achieve this goal, the administration of President Joe Biden has approved spending $ 45 billion from $ 65 billion of the national broadband development program. The program is part of a $1 trillion budget spent under the bipartisan U.S. Infrastructure Act.

According to the plan, 100% of Americans will enjoy “cheap, high-speed, and secure” internet connection by 2030.

“The twenty-first century is a time when people cannot be part of the economy without a reliable, cheap, and high-speed internet connection. Thanks to the bipartisan Infrastructure Act, we will make sure every American has access to the technology they need, so they can attend classes or job training classes, visit doctors, start small businesses, participate in the economy modern” – US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo emphasized the significance of the program.

The rollout of the “internet for all” initiative comes at a time when broadband connectivity is more important than ever to Americans.

According to Parks as‌sociates, about 41% of US households with an internet connection have studied and worked remotely. In the context of the Covid-19 outbreak, about 7.2% of US households signed up to upgrade their transmission lines in 2021.

Currently, states in the US can register to launch the new initiative. The budget from the initiative can be used for installing fiber optic cables, adding wifi connection points, and even providing free internet subscriptions for people.

Initially, each US state will receive 100 million USD. Further spending will be determined based on the allocation of broadband connections in a report expected to be released by the US Federal Communications Commission this fall.


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