Unique device to support rehabilitation for wrist joints

The research team of Dr. Phan Gia Hoang (Ho Chi Minh City University of Science and Technology) has researched and successfully manufactured a new physical therapy device based on robotics technology, used to support movement rehabilitation. of the wrist for patients with stroke or neurological damage.

The device is designed based on the medical basis and the movement characteristics of the wrist and forearm joints. The device will provide a variety of rehabilitation exercises in the form of interactive games, helping patients enjoy exercise. In addition, the device also has a mode to help patients use their normal hands to exercise the stroked hand, providing a better sense of movement for the patient, thereby helping the recovery result better.

“Device for interactive wrist exercise” used at Gia An 115 hospital (Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City) – Photo provided by the research team

According to the current research group, the proportion of people with injuries and disabilities due to sequels after traumatic accidents, or due to diseases such as spinal degeneration, disc herniation, hemiplegia after stroke, fracture bone due to disease or some other factors… increasing; leading to not only directly affecting health – work, reducing the patient’s quality of life.

In which, up to 80% of people with stroke have upper limb defects such as shoulder dislocation, sensory impairment, muscle weakness, and upper limb dysfunction. Upper extremity rehabilitation training is one of the important rehabilitation exercise goals after a stroke.

Dr. Phan Gia Hoang said “The device to help exercise the wrist joint” can be used independently, minimizing the support of the technician (in case the patient uses the system at home), monitoring Patient progression, doctor connection, ease of use and reasonable price. Especially due to the application of technology to support rehabilitation, all patient training data will be the basis for doctors or technicians to designate a suitable treatment regimen for each patient. , which shortens the recovery time.

The “device to help exercise the wrist joint” has been used experimentally on many patients being treated at Gia An 115 hospital (Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City) with very positive results. The team said they will continue to carry out clinical trials on more patients, to perfect the performance of the device.

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