Twitter warned Mr Trump of violating the COVID-19 information rule

On Sunday, Twitter flagged a post by US President Donald Trump claiming he was immune to COVID-19, explaining that the information violated rules regarding pandemic.

“Yesterday, the School’s doctors were no longer on duty. That means I cannot get sick and cannot be contagious. Nice to hear about this, ”Mr. Trump said in the tweet.

This post was later flagged with a disclaimer. “This tweet violated Twitter’s Principles of spreading misleading and potentially harmful information regarding COVID-19,” according to a Twitter announcement.

A Twitter spokesperson claimed that Mr. Trump’s tweet made a “misleading health statement” about the COVID-19 and that interaction with the post would be “significantly limited,” by the standards in cases like that.

President Trump said on Sunday that he has fully recovered from a streak of COVID-19 and is not a risk of infection to others, meaning the leader will return to the race. President.

On October 2, Mr. Trump announced that he and his wife Melania Trump had COVID-19. After 3 days of treatment at the military medical hospital, Mr. Trump was allowed to return to the School to work and recover. Until last Saturday, Dr. Truong announced that Donald Trump had passed a negative test result.

Earlier this week, Mr. Trump will travel to the battlefield state of Florida to meet with voters, then attend rallies in Pennsylvania and Iowa over the next two days.


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