Twice a week this paradoxical practice, the elderly can live a hundred years

The project “Generation 100” from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology aims to find the best exercise plan for a generation with a long and healthy life, in the context of many countries around the world. gender, life expectancy has exceeded 80 and many people have a life expectancy of 90-100 years or more in the community.

The work was done on a group of volunteers aged 70-77 years old, with a follow-up period of 5 years. The volunteers were divided into 3 groups, 1 group of HIIT-style exercise (high intensity interval training for cardiovascular health), 1 group of medium intensity, stable 50 minutes / week, the other group re-train according to Norway’s general health recommendation for minimum exercise.

1-2 minutes of high-speed running properly added to the workout can help adults live longevity – Artwork from the Internet

It is worth mentioning that the previous form of high-intensity interval exercise is still considered suitable for young, healthy people because it requires a lot of effort during peak periods.

However, in the new study, the “old and rare” old men and women have dramatically improved their physical and mental health. After 5 years, their health and youthfulness scores were even higher than at the start of the study.

The basic form of HIIT exercise used in this study is “4×4” exercise, or 4 steps in each set, with up to 4 sets in each exercise depending on strength. In each set, the practitioner walks or jogs at a moderate intensity for 10 minutes to warm up, then accelerates rapidly for 1-2 minutes to push the heart rate up. Stage 3 is a gradual slowdown, helping the heart rate slow down in about 3 minutes. Finally, a 5-minute slow moderate-speed run will help slow your heart rate down before full rest. Running can be replaced with other sports such as swimming.

During the study, volunteers were continually checked for oxygen intake, heart rate, blood pressure, weight and many other health indicators.

This is not the first time that a scientific study has advised the elderly to try strength exercises instead of following the conventional thought that everything should be gentle and slow when you get older. A 15-year study by the Sports Medicine Clinic in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), published in 2019 advises the elderly to… exercise weights, or exercise something heavy and need to use muscle strength to help increase longevity.

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