Tung Duong revealed about the 3 most special women in his life

After DVD Human – Live Concert was released on the occasion of March 8, Tung Duong had feelings when referring to the 3 most special women in his life – Photo: NVCC

The songs that make up the name of the male singer Home, My mother, Oh my hometown, Ancient tower rain flying, Stork… all have the look and image of mothers. Singer Tung Duong said the image of a woman plays a leading role and strongly inspires his songs.

When talking about the most important women in his life, he said: “There are 3 women with the most special roles who have attached, loved me all and always have eyes of expectation. slot to expect me to always go far in my career “.

The first person that the male singer mentioned was his biological mother – whom he inherited from a sharp eye and also watched him quietly and silently.

Tung Duong also said that his mother’s teachings are a guideline for him on his artistic path: “Always be humble and harmonious, always bring the spirit of virtue and humanity into your art. yourself as well as real life. That is the most important, not the super-successful “.

Along with his biological mother, the male singer is always grateful to his adoptive mother – the sister of Tung Duong’s father. She took care of and raised him on behalf of his parents during the time he lived away from his parents.

He recalled that when faced with important career choices, he was always by his side, giving him warm encouragement and the rigor to make luggage into life.

The last woman that Tung Duong mentioned was his life partner. Referring to Giang Pham, he said that his wife is rarely satisfied with her husband: “In her, she is both a harmony with art and a determination to be harsh. We often argue, even debate. fire to defend each person’s righteous thoughts “.


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