Trend of paving bricks in 2021

Green marble marble tiles, accents from new colors or large size brick designs are the trends in paving bricks in 2021, according to Vietceramics.

Representative of Vietceramics evaluated that the new designs this year focused on personalization, providing a unique aesthetic space, evoking many interesting design stories.

Design inspired by nature

Design trends inspired by nature bring modern, luxurious and natural beauty to the house. In particular, the design of tiles inspired by natural wood to marble will create a comfortable, elegant and comfortable space.

Vietceramics tile collections are diverse in surface and size. Specifically, the Marvel Shine collection offers an elegant and modern style. The Akoya collection features outstanding patterned designs inspired by the mysterious beauty of precious pearls from the sea, bringing luxury beauty to each space.

Marvel Shine marble tile collection. Image: Vietceramics.

The representative of Vietceramics predicts that this year, the Chevron herringbone and wood-patterned brick collections will continue to be popular, bringing depth to the kitchen or bathroom areas. Typically, Sleek Wood grain tiles help bring a sense of flexibility to the space.

If the homeowner is the one who loves the fresh, harmonious living space of nature, the diverse green colors from Lume to Marvel Dream Ultramarine will be one of the remarkable choices. Along with a favorite trend for abrasives, the Terrazzo collection is inspired by many materials and colors, opening up a modern space.

Terrazzo natural stone grain collection.  Photo: Vietceramics.

Terrazzo natural stone grain collection. Image: Vietceramics.

Gray cardboard enhances the minimalist trend

Besides, homeowners can choose the gray color for the collection of tiles. Gray is a neutral color, a trend in recent years. Along with the trend of Pantone colors, gray promises to be popular in modern and friendly spaces.

Combining warm, inspiring neutral colors with cement effects, Vietceramics’ Allure, Noon or Boost collections bring harmony in the living space. Homeowners can cleverly combine with furnishings such as decorative lights, pillows, carpets, chairs, cabinets or trees to create a highlight for the room.

The ascendance of large format bricks

The large size brick designs in 2021 combine many criteria to bring together a new nuance for the house. Large size bricks with the size of 80×160 cm, 90×90 cm, 90×180 cm, 120×240 cm, 120×278 cm or 160×320 cm, with the surface design bring a new message of generosity, create a unique mark for the owner.

Large size brick collection Verde Karzai.  Photo: Vietceramics.

Large size brick collection Verde Karzai. Image: Vietceramics.

Inspired by a marble from Iran with a shaded surface, the large size brick Verde Karzai offers a distinctive beauty with multicolored lines, making floor space and walls stand out. Meanwhile, Cosmopolitan or Tele di Marmo Revolution tiles attract thanks to the mysterious Calacatta Black to Patagonia blue, Saint Denis green or Amazonite turquoise.

Impressive color scheme

Impressive patterns and colors always bring to life in any space. According to representatives of Vietceramics, increasing the experience for the senses, meeting the needs of life is a trend in 2021.

“The attention to color design in the space will help activate oxytocin, an emotional hormone that reduces stress and anxiety, thereby showing how important aesthetics affect emotions, not merely. just watching “, according to Vietceramics.

Inside Art Collection.  Photo: Vietceramics.

Wanderlust marble tile collection. Image: Vietceramics.

New and impressive designs of natural stone or colorful marble will meet this element. Urban-style enthusiasts can choose from designs featuring striking colors and geometric lines inspired by hand-paved resin flooring in the Inside Art collection. Homeowners can also choose the large collection of Wanderlust Marble tiles, inspired by rare and precious marble stones around the world, bringing a harmonious and eye-catching overall space.

Living space focuses on health

The health factor in interior design is found in maximizing safety in heavily used areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. In response to this, Vietceramics introduces the sanitary, safe, stained, hypoallergenic, odorless, easy-to-clean, and durable tile collection.

To meet this trend, the new Protect technology was applied in the Bio Select wood grain tile collection, the Marble Delight collection to help remove bacteria on the tile surface; StepWise technology is used in Lime Stone collection to provide anti-slip ability.

Trend of paving bricks in 2021

Ha Thanh

Vietceramics is a market pioneer with luxurious tile products and bathroom equipment, along with the latest trends. With outstanding quality, cutting-edge technology and impressive design, the brand’s product collections aim to inspire living spaces, offering an impressive and fresh approach in the air. interior space.

Learn directly about the products in the showroom system of Vietceramics Hotline: 1900633094


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