Toyota Raize 2022 is about to return to Vietnam, expected to be more than 500 million VND

Recently, the sales consultant suddenly revealed the car model New Toyota Raize 2022 will launch in Vietnam in November 2021, probably at the beginning of the month with an expected price of about 500 million VND.Meanwhile, Kia Sonet – a direct competitor of All-new Toyota Raize may be launched in October, according to information from the genuine dealer in Vietnam.These two models are both aimed at low prices to attract customers, the later launch of Toyota Raize may create a disadvantage in the competition with Sonet, but according to sales consultants, the brand and technology are shared. are the current hot spots.Toyota Raize in Vietnam is expected to have more outstanding technology, specifically 2 features of blind spot warning and cross-traffic warning. In addition, information from the dealer also says that Toyota Raize will be equipped with a 1.0L turbocharged engine for a maximum capacity of 98 horsepower and maximum torque of 140 Nm.Other equipment of Toyota Raize has not been revealed at this time, but this model has also successfully attracted the attention of Vietnamese users thanks to its eye-catching exterior design, inheriting many lines from its brother Toyota. RAV4. In the international market, the car is equipped with full LED lights and 17-inch alloy wheels.Many customers in the international market were surprised by the spaciousness inside of the new Toyota Raize despite its “small” appearance. The car is arranged with 2 rows of seats with 5 seats. In particular, the interior of Raize 2021 is also relatively modern with a 3-spoke steering wheel integrated with many buttons and a floating central screen.In the high-end version on the international market, the car has a 9-inch screen, while the clock integrates a 7-inch screen, similar to the Toyota Corolla Cross model. Not to mention, although the car is small, it still has a full front armrest.The big plus of Toyota Raize 2021 is also in the quite spacious luggage compartment with a capacity of up to 369 liters. If more space is needed, owners can flexibly fold the rear seats to increase storage space. In addition, Toyota Raize 2021 is also equipped with a lot of modern safety systems such as: Automatic braking to avoid collisions, Preventing the wrong accelerator pedal, Active cruise control, Parking assist, etc.It can be seen that the upcoming Toyota Raize 2022 model is not only attractive thanks to its low price, but also impresses with accompanying equipment and technology. Therefore, many Vietnamese customers are now eagerly looking forward to the day this small SUV model can come to Vietnam.If imported CBU with so many attractive equipment, it is hard to imagine that this model will have an attractive price like the expected 500 million VND that the dealer is offering at the moment. Most likely Toyota Raize price 2022 around 600-700 million VND, skipping Sonet to confront Kia Seltos directly.Video: What is the all-new Toyota Raize coming to Vietnam?


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