Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 suddenly “priced” nearly 6 billion in Vietnam

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 in Vietnam (LC 300 Series) has never been “hot” at this time. This SUV is currently in short supply in the world, so much so that Toyota has to speak up when orders are so high that customers wait up to 4 years to receive a new car.In Vietnam, the number of vehicles Genuine Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 There are limited quantities, so this model is currently very “priced” on the market. According to research, in order to “get married immediately” to Toyota Land Cruiser 2022, Vietnamese customers have to spend about 5.8 billion VND to own a car. That is about 1.8 billion VND higher than the listed selling price of 4,060 billion VND.At the end of last year, the new generation Land Cruiser was surprised when there was a price difference of no less than 500 million VND after only a short time since its launch in August last year. Even the used Toyota Land Cruiser 2022, rolling about 13,000km, was confidently offered by the seller for 5.3 billion VND. As a “hot” and affordable car model on the market, it will not be difficult to understand that if you want to have a car right now, Vietnamese customers will spend about 5.8 billion VND. However, most of the LC300s for sale on the market with a commitment of “immediate delivery” have been bought by private car showrooms from genuine cars and resold, a type of speculation often seen with “hot” models. ” on the market.Although the price Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 is nearly 6 billion VND, too high compared to ordinary customers. But for the customer file this car line. This price range won’t matter, as long as they want to own it or not. Because so far in Vietnam, customers who own a Land Cruiser are all well-off customers, they can even be casually called “giants” or “presidents” and they are willing to spend heavily to Own a car if needed.It can be said that the new generation Toyota Land Cruiser is currently the model with the highest price difference in the Toyota product portfolio in Vietnam.In the near future, the price of Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 promises not to decrease, when the supply of this model is limited and even private car importers are having difficulty in bringing this model. from Middle Eastern markets to Vietnam.The all-new generation Toyota Land Cruiser uses a 3.5L twin-turbo V6 gasoline engine (twin-turbo) for a capacity of 409 horsepower and maximum torque of 650Nm.Power is transmitted to all four wheels (4WD), 3 differential locks, through a new 10-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission (10 AT).Video: Toyota LandCruiser 2022 costs 4 billion but is extremely difficult to buy.


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