Toyota GR 86 degrees, not only beautiful but also more powerful than 300 horsepower mã

Although it was released not too long ago, New generation Toyota GR 86 has been noticed by tuning companies thanks to the right design of a sports car. Recently, HKS has introduced the GR 86 HKS Concept with many upgrades in power and exterior design.From the outside, it’s not hard to spot Toyota GR86 HKS with striking bronze stamps, along with the HKS bodykit.The most noticeable upgrade of this version is in the engine, HKS has fitted the GT2 supercharger to optimize the capacity that the original 2.4L engine can achieve. The total power that the GR 86 produces after installing the GT2 supercharger is 335 hp, while the original power of the car is only 231 hp. The new maximum torque level has not been announced by HKS.Some engine-related parts have also received upgrades such as a new oil radiator, Mastery’s central control unit or LA dual clutch for the 6-speed manual transmission.The original exhaust system has now been replaced by a lighter Hi-Power Spec L II exhaust with a striking titanium blue outlet. Suspension system uses adjustable Hipermax S shock absorbers.To improve the appearance and increase aerodynamics, HKS has added to the GR 86 a set of front spoilers, side skirts and tail spoilers.In addition to the above equipment, customers can also install additional options such as engine braces, large GT spoiler or ducktail spoiler mounted on the rear trunk.HKS hasn’t revealed yet selling price of the Toyota GR 86 package With this, it is likely that the new Subaru BRZ model also has an upgrade package. Toyota GR 86 is an upgraded version of the previously released Toyota 86 model, the GR 86 has overcome the weakest point of the 86, which is power by equipping the car with a naturally aspirated 2.4L engine block.Video: The 86-degree Toyota GR from HKS is full of personality.


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