Toy car over 3.4 billion, more expensive than Lamborghini Huracan supercar

Out of all the colors of a car’s exterior, pink is perhaps the most “hated” and least common. Even in the Hot Wheels toy world it’s hard to find a pink car, and that might help explain why it is. Hot Wheels toy car The most expensive ever – among the rarest models in Hot Wheels’ 52-year history – is pink.In fact, only two of these toy cars exist in the world, and Volkswagen just got in touch with the owner of one. Specifically, it was a prototype model Volkswagen Microbus toys known by the name “Beach Bomb”.Bruce Pascal, 59, got caught up in the Hot Wheels craze after the toy was released in 1968, and had a passion for collecting and racing toy cars during his teenage years. Later, like so many other children, he set aside his collection as an adult, only to rediscover it 30 years later – and rekindle his love for young toys. in the process.“My friend offered to pay me $ 200 for the collection,” said Pascal. “I turned them down and kept them, but it was his offer that led me to start researching the value of Hot Wheels and pursue collecting as an adult.”Pascal used a number of “cunning tricks” to get new cars for his collection, such as posting ads in newspapers and even searching for former Mattel employees from the late 60s to Ask them if they have a rare model that they are not afraid to sell. In the process of amassing a growing collection, Pascal learned of a car he felt he must have: the bright pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb prototype. The prototype version of this Hot Wheels toy is instantly recognizable with the surfboard hanging out the back window; the final production design had surfboards side-mounted so that the car was tilted less backwards. Only a handful of those poorly balanced prototypes were created, and accessible only to Mattel’s staff, and among them, pink was the rarest.Over time, Pascal discovered the owners of both cars, made two offers, and bought back both pink Volkswagen Microbus prototypes. Since then, the bee sold one to a friend who was also a collector, but kept the best one in existence.“I wouldn’t say how much I bought it,” Pascal said, “but it’s worth about $ 150,000 (more than 3.4 billion) today.” That’s more than the price of a brand-new Porsche 911 supercar, more than an Audi R8, and almost the same price as a car Super car Lamborghini Huracan.Video: The Hot Wheels toy car is worth more than the new Lamborghini Huracan.


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