Toxic is like this: Just because the lottery results are not satisfactory, Tian – Ning and her family were insulted and cursed.

Perhaps Tian did not expect that she would suffer such heavy and ridiculous criticism.

Today, after the last match of Group D ended, the organizers of Worlds 2020 held a draw to select the quarter-finals matches with the participation of Ning and Tian – 2 players with the title. MVP brand name of CKTG 2018 and CKTG 2019.

However, the draw results of these two players went against the expectations of LPL fans, when all three Chinese teams, TOP Esports, Suning and JD Gaming, were in the same bracket, Suning and JD. Gaming will even have to knock out each other in the quarterfinals.

That also means that if there are no surprises from Fnatic’s position, the outcome of Worlds 2020 will be that the three LPL seed teams have to eliminate each other and only one team can advance to the Finals. .

Of course, this is the scenario that no fan of the Chinese community expected, but what happens after that is what makes people be surprised. Tian – who drew 2 lottery cards to bring TES and SN back to the same branch, is currently being the focus of … criticism of Chinese League of Legends fans.

The keyword “Ning Tian” even reached the top 5 hot search of Weibo’s, and the Jungler player’s personal page, currently wearing FPX, has even received tens of thousands of negative, personal insults. and even cursed his family.

Tian’s personal Weibo received tens of thousands of negative comments from the Chinese League of Legends community

Most of the comments cursed Tian for being a “rotten hand”, and even many subjects cursed at this player. “humiliating the nation”, “the inside hand of the LCK”, good “disgrace of the family”… and countless other hard-to-hear words.

Ning of course is not much better, but fortunately this guy, as the next draw, should temporarily “avoid” the wave of criticism from the fans. While Tian couldn’t keep quiet forever, he posted his latest post on Weibo asking the audience not to enter his birthday post (posted since July) to curse any more, whatever. Please vent to this latest post.

However, what makes the international community difficult to understand is the outrageous and somewhat unreasonable reaction of a large number of Chinese fans. The lottery is entirely dependent on chance, but Tian ends up being criticized as if he were the one behind manipulating the results.

Tian could not bear the insults and was forced to say: “Stop getting angry at my birthday post anymore, if you like, go to this post and swear.”

Furthermore, some comments suggest that the reaction of the Chinese League of Legends community is clearly showing fear of the LCK teams’ performance, especially DAMWON, and many argue that if they are confident in the real world. The forces of the LPL teams did not show such sassy attitude.

In general, the fact that Tian suffered from unreasonable criticism from the community is a very “unsightly” scene, because everyone understands the draw is random, and no matter the outcome. otherwise, insiders or outsiders must accept that, Tian clearly does not deserve such mental “frustration”.

Recently, the incident of Peanut being sent by an anti-fan to the Gaming House is still causing a stir, and once again, Tian’s incident made many international fans tired of the toxic and the unreasonable level of a large part of Chinese League of Legends fans.


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