Top fastest car in Vietnam market in November 2020

In addition to the growth of top-selling car models thanks to the tax and fee reduction policies … there are still models with very sluggish sales, even “stagnant”. According to the sales report of the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA) and TC MOTOR, the list top car is the worst November 2020, still named Japanese and American brands.Toyota Granvia 9-seater MPV has made its official debut at Vietnamese auto market in early June 2020. After nearly 6 months of launch, this model only sold a total of 8 cars on the market. Last November 2020, only 01 car was delivered to customers. Toyota Granvia is being sold in Vietnam at a fairly high price: 3.08 billion for pearl white and 3.072 billion for other colors.As a large mid-sized SUV in the price range of VND 2.5 billion, Toyota Prado is not an ideal model with “pocket money” of many Vietnamese customers. For a total of 11 months of 2020, Toyota Vietnam has delivered to customers 330 Land Cruiser Prado cars. In which, in November, only one car was sold. Toyota Prado distributed in Vietnam is a CBU imported model from Import Ban, competing with Ford Explorer.With only 11 cars sold in November 2020, it is not surprising that Isuzu D-Max continues to be in the top 10 slowest selling cars in the Vietnamese auto market, although the company continuously develops other incentive programs. Accumulated 11 months of 2020, Isuzu D-Max achieved relatively “modest” sales, only 185 cars were delivered to customers. Currently, Isuzu Vietnam is distributing to Vietnamese customers 4 D-Max versions with prices ranging from 595 to 759 million VND.In fact, Honda Jazz has disappeared from Honda’s product portfolio in Vietnam since the end of May 2020. Many people suspect that this Class B hatchback has officially been “killed” in Vietnam due to the sluggish business situation. Up to now, some dealers still sell cars until they run out of stock, although the sales volume is still quite small. Even in October 2020, no Jazz was sold. By November 2020, Honda Vietnam has handed over to customers 36 Jazz cars, bringing the total number of cars sold in 2020 to 120 units.Although Vietnam Suzuki launched an upgraded version of the Suzuki Ciaz 2020 in the Vietnamese market at the end of September 2020, it seems that this model has not yet won the attention of Vietnamese users. In November 2020, Ciaz’s sales were only 37 units, bringing the total number of cars sold in 2020 to 133 units. Suzuki Ciaz 2020 is currently sold in Vietnam with only one version priced at 529 million VND.After 2 years entering the Vietnamese market, there are more advantages in terms of brand name, but Toyota Avanza still cannot compete with Mitsubishi Xpander or Suzuki Ertiga in the 5 + 2 seat MPV segment. Sales in November 2020 of Toyota Avanza only reached 36 cars, the total number of 11 months of 2020 reached 309 cars sold in Vietnam.The new American brand MPV Ford Tourneo had sales of 38 units sold in November 2020, for a total of 11 months of car sales reaching 274 units. Despite having the cheapest selling price in the segment (999 million VND to 1,069 billion VND), this MPV model is still difficult to attract customers due to its practical design.The Isuzu Mu-X 7-seater SUV is a familiar name in the list of 10 the cheapest car in Vietnam by month. By the end of November 2020, 57 mu-X cars were handed over to customers, bringing the total number of cars sold from the beginning of the year to now to 475 units. Although owning a quite competitive price, the slow innovation in design and technology makes Isuzu mu-X not attractive enough to customers before other competitors in the segment.Another Toyota model to be on the list of “low” sales in Vietnam in November 2020 is the Land Cruiser with 74 cars delivered to customers, an increase compared to the previous month thanks to the after-sales and tax policies. .. The accumulated sales volume from the beginning of the year to the end of November 2020 of Toyota Land Cruiser is 403 units.Ford Explorer has a single version at a price of 1.99 billion VND. The high price and few choices made the US representative face many difficulties in the Vietnamese market. In November 2020, Explorer sales reached only 89 units. For a total of 11 months of 2020, this model sold 1,086 units. Video: Top 5 new models that cause storms in Vietnam in 2020.


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