Tired of taking care of him, the boy brought the Golden dog back to his hometown and sent it to his grandmother: 1 month later, he couldn’t believe his face!

The day they met again, the owner could no longer recognize his pet dog.

To name the most intelligent, loyal and warm-hearted dog breed, many animal lovers will immediately remember the Golden Retriever – a dog originating from England that is always ready to help and protect its owner. .

Recently, on the Chinese social network Weibo, a guy after sharing on his personal page his experience about raising Golden dogs has received the attention of many people. Specifically, earlier this year, due to a rather lonely single life, plus the recommendation of friends, he decided to bring a golden-haired dog to his company.

Golden is one of the most popular pet breeds today – Illustration: Internet

However, after raising an animal for a while, he discovered that raising an animal is not easy. In addition to remembering to feed on time, he also has to ensure cleanliness by bathing and cleaning the place regularly.

Not only that, the cost of veterinary services in China is also extremely expensive, sometimes even higher than the amount spent to buy pets. Realizing that the troubles of raising animals are much greater than the joy, the young man decides to find a new owner for the pet.

In addition to feeding on time, the owner must also ensure hygiene by bathing regularly – Photo: Baidu

The boy’s grandmother, after learning of this intention, expressed her willingness to adopt. Indeed, at that time, the Golden Dog was in his eyes a “plague god”, he wished to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Therefore, as soon as he received her phone call, the young man immediately brought his pet back to his hometown, feeling like a burden had been lifted in his heart.

However, from the moment he sent the dog, the young man suddenly became strangely empty. Do not know since when, the dog has become an indispensable part of the house. Now, every day when he returns, he is faced with four walls and silence fills the room.

The day I met my pet

Taking advantage of the weekend, the young man decided to drive back to his grandmother’s house to bring his pet back to live together. Thinking that his pet would become fat and lazy under her care, the scene that appeared before his eyes made him extremely heartbroken.

Healthy dog ​​with golden coat from a month ago now appears in a ragged form, his whole body is covered in mud, his neck is tightly wrapped in a chain.

The saddest thing is that, even when meeting the owner again, instead of being excited, wagging his tail and jumping on top of him like before, he was extremely scared, hurriedly hiding behind the wheel of the bicycle. old.

Golden dog now appears in a sick, dirty form. Photo: Sohu

Turns out his grandmother wasn’t a dog lover. The reason Grandma adopted it was because she felt it was a waste to leave such a large dog, so she decided to bring him home as a gate dog.

Since then, he has been chained at the entrance to guard the gate, and can only eat leftovers through meals. No one cared about a dog’s hygiene, rain or shine, he still had to sit and watch the house, and eventually became the form he sees today.

After listening, the guy felt extremely bad, blaming himself for not researching carefully before giving the pet to someone else to raise. As the person who took the initiative to adopt, I should have been more responsible for taking care of the dog, but for the dog to suffer for a long time like an animal, thinking about the bridge of his nose is a bit bitter.

In the end, the young man is determined to change his past mistakes, take the poor pet home and take good care of it, making up for all the suffering he has endured in the past. .


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