Thuy Tien as judge of Miss Peace Vietnam; Bringing drama to the bingo stage

From left to right: Thieu Bao Tram, Thuy Tien, Camila Cabello, Thien Hao – Photo: Facebook artist

* Thuy Tien as judge Miss Peace Vietnam 2022

Afternoon 7-6, competition Miss Peace Vietnam (Miss Grand Vietnam) 1st time in 2022 started in Ho Chi Minh City. The event had the presence of Mr. Nawat – the president Miss Grand InternationalMrs. Teresa – vice president Miss Grand International and top 10 Miss Grand Thailand 2022.

Miss Thuy Tien with Phuong Nga, Kieu Loan, Ngoc Thao and the top 10 Miss Grand Thailand 2022 there was a performance in evening gown by designer Tran Ninh Hung and ao dai by designer Le Long Dung.

Thuy Tien as judge of Miss Peace Vietnam;  Bringing drama to the bingo stage - Photo 2.

Miss Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien at the announcement ceremony – Photo: BTC

On this occasion, the jury Miss Peace Vietnam 2022 announced include: Ha Kieu Anh (head of the jury), Thuy Tien, Kieu Loan, Minh Tu, Anh Thu, designer Do Long, actor Minh Tiep and Nicholas Pham (honorary judge).

The final round of the contest will take place from September 5 to 25. The organizers will choose 1 Miss and 4 runner-ups, with a total prize value of nearly 1 billion VND.

* Star Camila Cabello dressed in Cong Tri to launch a new product

Recently, female singer Camila Cabello chose a costume of designer Nguyen Cong Tri in an online show to introduce a new song called Lola.

This event was organized by Camila Cabello with male singer Yotuel, on a farm in Simi Valley, California. It is also the filming location of many Hollywood movies.

Lola on the third studio album Family (Family) by Cabello. Family includes 12 songs, featuring vocals from Willow, Ed Sheeran, Maria Becerra and Yotuel.

Thuy Tien as judge of Miss Peace Vietnam;  Bringing drama to the bingo stage - Photo 3.

Camila Cabello wears a dress by Cong Tri – Photo: Provided by the designer

She chose a cream white dress in the collection Cong Tri Autumn Winter 2021. This dress is designed in taffeta fabric. The artisans used the crochet technique, bringing the shirt with patterns of diamond, circle and dahlia flowers. The design was made in 450 hours with moderate openings to show off Camila Cabello’s seductive curves.

This is the second time Cabello has chosen a design by Cong Tri. In September 2019, she wore a cream-colored outfit to the event iHeartRadio Music Festival 2019.

* Musician Thien Hao set a record “Living by creativity”

The Central Committee of the Vietnam Record Association, the Vietnam Intellectual Property Institute, and the Vietnam Records Institute have just awarded the record certificate and the gold disc “Living by creativity” to musician Thien Hao for his contributions to the record community. Vietnamese family.

Previously, musician Thien Hao set the record of “The person who has been granted copyright for the most musical works, 200 songs in a period of 6 months” at the end of 2019. To date, he has composed 600 songs, including 400 copyrighted songs and nearly 200 songs in the final stage.

Thuy Tien as judge of Miss Peace Vietnam;  Bringing drama to the bingo stage - Photo 4.

Musician Thien Hao received the gold disc “Living with creativity” – Photo: Provided by the musician

On this occasion, musician Thien Hao donated the copyright of the song House of Record for the Vietnam Record Institute, with the content of honoring Vietnamese talents. The male musician said that he will hold a mini live show announcing new compositions to thank the audience in August 2022.

* Put the drama on the bingo stage

After a long period of moderate activity due to the epidemic, recently, Lo Lo – pregnant woman of Saigon Tan Thoi Lottery Group – boldly put the play on stage. The play begins Horror night.

The play with the participation of Tra Ngoc, Hoa Thuan, Chenco and members of the bingo crew such as: Lo Lo, Mau Dat, Huong Hoa, Diem Hue, Be Tu, Chau Pha… Actor Tra Ngoc also took on the role. director of the play. The show attracted about 1,000 spectators.

Thuy Tien as judge of Miss Peace Vietnam;  Bringing drama to the bingo stage - Photo 5.

A large audience watched the drama at the bingo stage – Photo: BTC

Lo Lo said: “The audience of Saigon Tan Thoi bingo is diverse and of many ages, so I chose a suitable topic for the whole family to enjoy together. Through the play, we wanted to convey a message. This also contributes to bringing a better image of the bingo stage and also the bingo artist, we make folklore with artistic value.”

Notebook Horror night will be performed again on June 19.

* Thieu Bao Tram released an album about feelings after breaking up

On the afternoon of June 7, female singer Thieu Bao Tram released a mini album After YOU. The album has 5 tracks: After YOU, there’s someone behind you, can we be friends, first say goodbye and A week after breaking up.

The album takes the theme of “breakup” as the focus and the word “breakup” also appears densely in the song title. Therefore, on social networks, Thieu Bao Tram also caused controversy about whether she put her personal love story into music. She was rumored to love male singer Son Tung M-TP for 8 years and broke up after rumors of “green tea” in 2021. Thieu Bao Tram has never confirmed the incident.

Thuy Tien as judge of Miss Peace Vietnam;  Bringing drama to the bingo stage - Photo 6.

Album cover “After YOU” by Thieu Bao Tram – Photo: Provided by the character

Album released on the same day as MV Can we be friendspart 2 of MV Is there anyone behind you?. Thieu Bao Tram shared, in this album, she sang with all her true feelings and the emotions of the age of 28.


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