Thuong Tin contracted COVID-19, Vu caused a fever while singing on the Cat Linh – Ha Dong train

From left to right: Thuong Tin, Vu

* Thuong Tin has COVID-19, the audience reacts differently

Actor Thuong Tin was found to be infected with COVID-19 on November 24, after he took a test to apply for a job as a helper at a clinic in Ho Chi Minh City.

Currently, Thuong Tin is supported by some colleagues with medicine and food. He is self-isolating at a motel in District 12. Because he has not been vaccinated, he also has friends and spectators who are worried about his health condition. your.

Thuong Tin contracted COVID-19, Vu caused a fever while singing on the Cat Linh - Ha Dong train - Photo 2.

Thuong Tin also shared more about life increasingly difficult financial, weak health, now infected with COVID-19

However, besides many words of encouragement and sharing with Thuong Tin, there were also many comments reacting to his continuous lamentation while receiving a lot of support from benefactors, the online community and fellow artists. doctor.

* Han Sara confronts her dark past with MV It’s alright

Singer Han Sara has just released the MV It’s alright has positive lyrics as a way she motivates herself, forgets unhappy things, restores faith on the upcoming journey.

Earlier in early November, Han Sara received a wave of criticism from the public after her performance Gen Z girl inspired, material from the song The girl opened the way.

Thuong Tin contracted COVID-19, Vu caused a fever while singing on the Cat Linh - Ha Dong train - Photo 3.

Han Sara wishes to spread positive energy, learn to love herself through the new MV

Many comments commented that this creativity of Han Sara destroyed the revolutionary music familiar to generations of Vietnamese people. After that, Han Sara quickly realized the mistake and publicly apologized.

Back to MV It’s alright, Han Sara told her own story with a teenager who had to face many traumas, almost lost her life goal.

Han Sara admits that she is not perfect, has many shortcomings and makes many mistakes, but she cherishes all those experiences because it will be a valuable lesson on the next step.

* Singing on the train Cat Linh – Ha Dong, Vu reached the top trending

Vu made an impressive comeback to the music industry after months of silence because of the epidemic. Both versions of the song Walk past each other are holding the top trending positions on YouTube music.

In which, the top of the table is MV . Walk past each other with more than 8.2 million views after 13 days, followed by the “live session” version on the Cat Linh – Ha Dong ship with more than 1.9 million views after 2 days.

Live session ‘Step through each other’ – Source: Vu

Vu is also the first male singer to film a “live session” on the newly opened train that is attracting the attention of many young people.

The performance evoked many emotions with the scene of Vu quietly singing and singing alone on a moving train car, behind the passing city, sometimes slowing down at the deserted station.

The song “The line of people rushed past, suddenly like a kiss. Lips split in half just like I was expecting” is currently covering TikTok when a lot of young people use it to record clips.

* Ten years by Den Vau, Ngoc Linh into the soundtrack World forest

After the song Ten years appeared in the movie trailer World forest a few days ago, the music video Ten years was also officially launched today 11/25.

Chinese-American musician Seth Tsui is arranging the new mix, performed by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, conducted by conductor George Strezov. Because of the epidemic, the production process is done online remotely with three bridgeheads Vietnam – China – Bulgaria.

Thuong Tin contracted COVID-19, Vu caused a fever while singing on the Cat Linh - Ha Dong train - Photo 5.

“Forest of the World” is scheduled to premiere on December 31

Ten years of rapper Den Vau and singer Ngoc Linh were chosen as the soundtrack World forest – The film belongs to the thriller genre, related to the survival theme about the journey of a backpacker named Kien who got lost in the Ta Nang – Phan Dung forest trekking.

Director Tran Huu Tan said that the lyrics and melody of the song have an amazing connection with the story in the film.

* Lisa is infected with COVID-19, the remaining 3 members of BlackPink are negative

On the evening of November 24, YG Entertainment – the management company of BlackPink group – announced that Lisa was infected with COVID-19. Immediately after that, Lisa canceled the entire schedule, isolated and treated according to the instructions of the health authorities.

Thuong Tin contracted COVID-19, Vu caused a fever while singing on the Cat Linh - Ha Dong train - Photo 6.

4 girls of BlackPink

This morning, November 25, both Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé tested negative. As for the group’s youngest member, Lisa, is still in good condition and has not had any worrisome symptoms.

YG Entertainment confirmed that the 4 members had received 2 doses of the vaccine. “The health of artists and employees is always the company’s top priority,” a company representative said.


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