Those who return to Hanoi after the holidays April 30, 1-5 must make a medical report

On April 27, 2021, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hanoi Chu Ngoc Anh signed the telegram No. 03 / CD-CT to the heads of units about strengthening the implementation of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control.

Hanoi requires people who return after the holidays April 30, 1-5 to make a medical report

Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee asked all levels and sectors to continue to strengthen their vigilance against the risk of epidemics, associate responsibility with the drastic, synchronous and effective implementation of prevention and control measures. translation has been proposed with the motto “active prevention, early detection, fast isolation, effective treatment, complete handling, and prompt stabilization of the situation”.

Organize the inspection and supervision of the strict implementation of measures: make medical declaration by QR Code and require “5K” of the Ministry of Health, especially wearing mandatory masks in public places, at events. There is a large concentration of people, on public transport.

Regularly inspect and urge the implementation of anti-epidemic measures within and within the management area, especially at medical establishments, schools, tourist establishments, production establishments, markets, supermarket, airport, bus station …; strictly handle organizations and individuals that violate epidemic prevention and control …

Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee suggested to continue to limit unnecessary events and activities gathering large numbers of people; In the event of an organization, measures to ensure the safety of Covid-19 disease prevention and control must be strictly taken, especially wearing a mask, disinfection … in accordance with regulations.

Functional forces strengthen the strict examination of entries; Investigate, verify and strictly handle cases of illegal entry, organizations and individuals who allow people to enter illegally, accommodation establishments, hotels that accept people entering illegally to stay, enterprises accepting employees who are illegally entering and cases of violation of the prevention and control of diseases Covid-19.

Police of districts, towns, communes, wards and towns intensified the review and requested cases of temporary stay, temporary absence … in the area after April 30 and 1-5 holidays. When you return to the city, you are required to make a medical report, take strict penalties for individuals who do not make medical reports or make untruthful medical reports.

People’s Committees of districts, towns, communes, wards and townships direct functional forces and management agencies to strengthen inspection in the area (go by lane, knock house by house) and strictly handle cases. illegal entry in the area, cases of failure to comply with the wearing of masks and anti-epidemic measures according to regulations of the Ministry of Health and the City.

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