This set of photos proves that if sleeping in a tree is art, then cats are true artists

Sleeping like this, the subject of sleeping on the rope in historical movies also has no match.

Known for their extremely lazy personalities, it’s not surprising that cats can lean back wherever they want. In addition to the drawers and corners of the house, cats also especially love climbing up trees and lounging there.

But sleeping is also sleeping this, sleeping that. Cats don’t like smooth, flat places. They just have to choose the most dangerous places to lie down and immerse themselves in their own dreams.

This warm sun does not sleep, it is very bad for nature.

He said above ban is wrong.

Sleep must also have a style.

Very tiring day!

Let’s invite each other to climb up here to sleep.

Sleep must also be beautiful to bear.

Tim saw the princess sleeping in the tree.

It seems that the sun has made my cheeks more pink.

Snow White is also tired after a long day of searching for her prince.

What kind of cotton is that?

Fix your habits before you fix your sleeping posture.

I don’t understand why I’m smiling like that.

Oh my miserable life.

Well, when tired, the branches will also become a warm bed.

This guy is too fat so you can’t sleep.

Sleep must also be handsome.

Sleeping standing up sucks.

Everything has to have a pair, right?

My dream of becoming a broomstick witch is about to come true.

Oh that obnoxious dreamy face.

I’m tired today, want to hug the tree to sleep over the day?

Sleep but still afraid to lose part.

Oh so boring…

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