This 2022 BMW X3 will make the Mercedes-Benz GLC be wary

Recently, leaked images of the model New BMW X3 2022 was suddenly posted. It is known that this image was taken in China and also here, the BMW X3 2022 will be sold with 2 versions, including the regular version and the version with the M-Sport sports equipment package.Regarding the specifications, New generation BMW X3 It is expected to have a length of 4,737 mm, a width of 1,891 mm and a height of 1,689 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,864 mm. Thus, when compared to its predecessor, the new X3 is 20 mm longer. This will contribute to the car having a more spacious and comfortable interior space than before.Based on leaked images, samples SUV BMW X3 2022 There will be quite a clear difference between the regular version and the M-Sport version. Specifically, both versions have a completely new look with a larger “kidney” grille, beautiful and modern tweaked front / rear lights…For the regular version, the details from the body-kit to the lamps of the BMW X3 2022 are slightly luxurious, elegant and especially the grille has a soft design. This detail on the M-Sport version has a purely sporty style, the grille and body-kit are painted in strong black, and the light clusters also have a distinctive smokey color.Some of the equipment revealed early on the BMW X3 2022 in the Chinese market include a 360 camera system (high version), optional wheels with 13 designs with sizes from 19, 20 and 21 inches.Regarding transmission, the BMW X3 2022 in the Chinese market is expected to use a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, producing a capacity of 184-252 horsepower. According to the press here, the BMW X3 2022 may be officially launched this June.Video: Introducing the new generation BMW X3 SUV.


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