Third-party apps can’t use the ‘hot’ feature on iPhone 13

According to many users, third-party apps cannot take full advantage of the 120Hz refresh rate display on the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 is equipped with ProMotion screen technology, scanning frequency from 10Hz to 120Hz, ideal when scrolling content, playing games, providing a smoother viewing experience. The first iPhone 13s have been delivered to customers since September 24. However, iPhone app developers that detect most of their app’s motion (animation) are restricted to 60Hz, which is annoying for users.

Christian Selig, the developer of the Apollo app, said there have been complaints from several users. He guesses that Apple limits 60Hz to preserve battery on iPhone models. iPhone Pro that supports ProMotion technology does not apply this restriction, all motion runs at 120Hz.

Meanwhile, Apple applications still support a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. So it’s not clear if this is a bug on the iPhone 13, or if Apple plans to address it in a future update.


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