TheShy opened up her intention to retire early, giving up League of Legends to go home to “raise fish and grow vegetables”

With the pressure and health problems, injuries encountered in the past, it is not strange that TheShy cherished the plan of “premature retirement”.

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During the recent stream, TheShy – Invictus Gaming’s top laner surprised fans by sharing his intention to retire early. According to TheShy, he is pondering whether he should continue to play professionally or not, and leaves open the possibility of retiring after the contract ends with IG (current contract is valid until November 16. / 2020), or maybe after the end of the 2021 season, a time when Rookie is likely to bid farewell to the professional arena.

“I am not sure if I will play professionally next year. Since my contract is about to expire and I am having to think about it. The epidemic, returning to Korea is also a bit difficult. towels.

If I continue to play, maybe I will stay in China, because I want to play beside Rookie, next year may be his last year. If it weren’t for Rookie, I would think more. But for sure if I continue to play, I will play with the most professional attitude. “

TheShy even shared his plans if he retires:

“If I don’t play anymore, I won’t stream, I won’t do Youtube, nothing. I will say goodbye to League of Legends in silence, so people don’t look for me. Maybe I’ll go back home and farm,” living such a simple life is enough. “

Through the sharing of TheShy, it can be seen that this player will still play professionally League in the IG shirt in the 2021 season, but next year may be the last year of Rookie’s career. and TheShy is likely to follow in the footsteps of the man saying goodbye to the justice arena.

At the age of 21 and has been with professional League of Legends for almost half a decade, TheShy is not young when judging on his career age, but at his age, many gamers still choose to stick with the career in many Another year.

But for TheShy, the journey to play professionally for him is probably enough. After the peak of the 2018 world championship, the IG team in general and TheShy itself in particular had many problems that made them no longer maintain their position, for TheShy, those were persistent injuries, health problems and pressure from the audience. So it is not strange if this player is considering the intention of “young retirement”.

However, for League of Legends fans, if the name TheShy disappears from the professional arena at this point, it will be a huge loss, because anyone who is passionate about this Esports game wants to be. follow a player with the same flamboyant, aggressive playstyle and skill master as the Korean player for many years to come.


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