These three old Aston Martin DB5 cars sold for more than 129 billion VND

Currently, classic supercars are becoming increasingly scarce and collectors often spend millions of dollars and years of searching. It’s even more difficult if it’s a car model The famous Aston Martin, which appeared with James Bond and was produced in limited numbers.Recently, an Aston Martin dealer in the UK has just sold the “family” of DB5, including coupe, convertible and shooting brake. The special thing is that all 3 cars belong to the high-performance Vantage line.Aston Martin DB5 1964 equipped with a 6-cylinder engine, 4.0L capacity, producing 282 horsepower and 379 Nm of torque. Born more than 5 decades ago, the DB5 can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 6.4 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 283 km / h.Aston Martin introduced the DB5 in 1963 and the high-performance Vantage line in 1964. Compared to the standard DB5, the DB5 Vantage was about 40 hp more powerful, reaching 325 hp due to improved internals.From 1964 to 1965, Aston Martin produced 60 DB5 Vantage coupes, 5 convertibles. Meanwhile, only 11 DB5 shooting brakes were produced and the only one in the article is in the Vantage version.This Aston Martin dealer took about 12 years to bring back this set of 3 DB5s and restore them to like-new condition.These three rare DB5s will be on display at the London Concours event on June 8. If you want to own this trio, you need to spend a minimum of $5.6 million. This price is considered quite good when the DB5 shooting brake alone costs no less than 3 million USD. The standard DB5 convertible also costs $2 million.Although not the first model in the DB series, Legendary Aston Martin DB5 is the most famous one thanks to accompanying agent 007 in the movie “Goldfinger” in 1964.In 2018, the British automaker announced a project to recreate this legendary model with 25 DB5s produced. This batch of 25 DB5s completely simulates the DB5 from the movie “Goldfinger” with a series of toys such as simulated machine gun, rear smoke system, front oil spray, front/rear license plate changer and bulletproof glass.Video: The legendary Aston Martin DB5 in the James Bond movie 007.


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